UD Naked Reloaded Palette Review

Unmute your neutral; I have been waiting for this palette. I only own Heat Naked and wasn’t so keen on the others. I know I know, they are og palettes, but when UD discontinued the first palette, I knew something good was coming! And I was right! Wham Bham reloaded came into my heart.

Finger Lick’n Good!

I have been to Dum before when it first opened, went for the soft launch. I went back last week after a long time with family who had wanted to go for ages.

Eat your drink!

Smith & Sinclair are the experts behind eat your drink! I first came across them at a pop up in Carnaby Street! They had a little space in a basement, and that’s when I tried cocktail bubbles! Like the bubbles, you blow as a kid from fairy liquid, but this was from alcohol! It was…

Nars Loaded Palette Review

So I took part in an Instagram giveaway, I follow Nina Vee, and she was doing a Christmas giveaway. I entered, and I won 🙂

Welcome to 2019

2018 was a chaotic year, I moved home several times, got a new job, got married, move into another house, went on honeymoon! A few got married, my husbands sister got married. Went on our last holiday of the year, celebrated our first christmas and new years together, as well as his birthday! *Catching some…

Rose Cheesecakes with a Twist

Diwali was last month, and I wanted to make something simple, more canape style, not too filling, as the food we ate was substantially heavy. 

My Urban Decay Collection

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to review my love for Urban Decay. I have been using the brand for so long; I first started with their eyeliners, I bought the box of 5 small ones and used the white for so long, to brighten my eyes and make them…

Safari Dinner Tour Tower Bridge

Timeout London invited me for the safari dinner tour of tower bridge. New restaurants have been built at One Tower bridge, and some of them are pretty amazing! 

Bottomless Brunch in Honour of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up will be the first exhibition outside of Mexico to display clothes and intimate possessions belonging to the artist, reuniting them with key self-portraits and photographs to offer a fresh perspective on her work. The exhibition runs from 16 June – 4 November 2018.

Juvia’s Place – Honest Review!

Judging by the amount of makeup posts I’ve done, it would be an under statement to say I was an addict, more like a junkie I’d say! Last year, so many amazing palettes came out and I got a chance to play with most of them! Some of them are my holy grails and some…