New Year 2016

Every year when the clock strikes 12, we hit a brand new year, and also my birthday month. My birthday falls on 2nd January, probably the worst time of the year, in between new years when everyone is still pretty much hanging or that even worse, broke.

This year marked a milestone, I turned 30, and with that, a new leap of life. I achieved quite a lot in my twenties and I am pretty much very proud of that. Now I want to take it one step further, better my career, my life and build a home for my family. Thirties is all about love, career, family and comfort. As you grow older, you learn a lot of things. Learning isn’t a choice, its something that happens without you knowing it, learning is curosity, you learn from others around you, by reading, by researching, even by watching and listening. It’s something that surrounds us 24/7. When the brain is still running, try and grasp as much as you can, and always ask “why”, like how little children are always asking “why is this like that”, same goes for adults. Not everyone has the answer, but you do have the solution. Make the best of everything, live each day like you haven’t lived, let go off the past and consider the future. Very much live in the present, but also plan your future… And this is exactly what I am doing….

Cherish the ones in your lives, as you just don’t know what will happen tomorrow, for there are a thousand journeys, there are seconds of time.



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