StreetFeast London

I’m all about food, and lately I’ve been venturing out to food markets, cafes, and places where there are loads of streetfood vendors. I first attended streetfeast last year, just towards the end of summer when Dinerama in Shoreditch was closing! My first time was epic, I attended with a friend, it was a cold evening, we made our way and quickly managed to find the place. 



It’s like a small yard, with bonfires in oil tanks, food vendors, a few bars and an upstairs area with seating and more bars. It’s a great place to go with friends, on a date, food before a night out (cause its ridiculously yummmmy and cheap, better than a sit down table meal!)

Walked around Dinerama, see who and what was on offer, first pit stop was at BBQ Lab, two guys specialising in American BBQ, they make their own sauces, in the background they have a proper chemistry lab set up, and they wear white coats (haha), its pretty cool to be honest! On their menu they had three different types of flavours: Habernero, Chipuffalo and Soya miso glazed (like a chinese flavour) topped with spring onions. I was so close in going for the Habernero, but I thought let’s save that for next time, so we opted for Chipuffalo and the soya miso glazed. Both were extremely tasty, the soya miso was a tad salty mind you, my lips started to feel numb after all the salt consumed. The chipuffalo was off the hook!! So tasty, moreish, wanting moree and more, finger licking good. The meat just fell off the bone nicely, who needs a knife and fork when you have hands!!! Was amazingly delicious, so good in my tummy! The best wings by far I have had! I think these were 2 for £6 or something like that………..


These were just yummy starters, next up was Birdbox for mains. BirdBox is rotisserie chicken, owned by David Carter, it is a bajan inspired rotisserie, with charred lemon, roasted garlic, marjoram and thyme with a side of dripping roast potatoes. So flavoursome, juicy, tender, amazeballs. So good, and for a fiver you really get your monies worth!!


So that was Dinerama – it is now open, they have a new overhead roof, for an indoor, bonfire style camp out, nice warm heaters, and well loads of food and drink. Get yourselves down there, free entry before 7pm. Address: Every Thu/Fri/Sat – 5pm – Late. 19 Great Eastern Street Shoreditch London EC2A 3EJ. Nearest station Liverpool Street or Shoreditch high street. 

Next up is StreetFeast Hawker House – The Mother of All Beasts!!!!

The first time I had a chance to explore hawker house is when I signed up to a competiton on twitter to win free tickets for Oktoberfest, a german food & drink festival. I had no idea I’d win the tickets, I took my friend along with me and we had a ball of a time. Hawker house is MAAAOOOOSIIVEEE! Spanning over two big floors, and also has an upstairs seating area with large comfy sofas, chairs and tables, standing area and also a few bars! It’s a pretty neat set up! The food on offer was pretty awesome too, and also received free beer pints in the original beer mugs (which I managed to sneak out under my jacket :p) Was pretty good beer mind you! I finished it after having such hot spicy food.


We walked around, scoped the place out and decided to try a few of the vendors. The first we tried was like a German bun with shredded chicken, cabbage pickle and cranberry jam – looked delish – but looks can be very deceiving. It was bland, no flavour, such a disappointment (I can’t even remember whom the vendor was.)

So then next up was Rola Wala – indian street food cuisine, they make hand made naan sliders, with a lean grilled fillings, tidal wave of pickles, flavours, herbs, raita, lemon, chutney, and smashed coconut crunch. I was feeling brave so went for an extra punch, chose to get 1 of Robata grilled chicken and 2 sriracha paneer. You get all three for £10 and singles are £4, so makes sense to get three right?!?!?! 


Their set up is bad boy – they have the massive woks with all the meats and paneer, packed with flavour and the way they present them on the mini naans is picture perfect. Sat down to eat and took a bite and OMFG – MY MOUTH WAS ON INTENSE FIRE!!! I can take hot spicy food, but this was on another level, thank bloody god for the beer, it helped a lot. Then the second time I had them, they were perfecto – just the right amount of heat. The sriracha paneer is the perfect one for veggies! 


So I have been to Hawker House a number of times now and I can’t pick a favourite, cause everything I’ve eaten is my favourite, from the soft sweet steamed buns at Yum Bun, with grilled marinated fillings, the black tiger prawn at prawnography with the thousand island dressing, rola wala naan sliders, to mothercluckers brined buttermilk chicken stripes to chin chin labs burnt butter caramel brownwich!! Absolute divine!! 

Highly recommend you all to go check it out, even if you aren’t a massive foodie, go for the atmosphere, have a drink, mingle, everyone is so friendly, and you’re all there for the same reason!! And you get to meet the owners of the food stalls!!!

MotherCluckers Brined Buttermilk Chicken Stripes
Yum Bun’s Steamed Yummy Buns


Prawnography XL Black Tiger Prawn with Chips & Thousand Island Dressing. Yum yum yum yum – wanting more :p


Chin Chin Labs – Burnt Butter Caramel Brownwich. Fudgey, sweet, salty, delishly devilish!

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  1. dishydelishy says:

    Those wings look crazy good, must get myself down to Dinerama! What a barg too.

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    1. Definitely a bargain….. and they have new offerings every few weeks.

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