Happy Valentines

Today is St.Valentines……… yep a day hardly anyone actually celebrates. I have noticed how no one actually wants to spend money or order anything! Which is a shame, I have learnt not to do any special offers now! My prices will remain the same throughout the whole year!!! 

I made a new recipe of cupcakes yesterday, purely because of the fact I am now on annual leave and going away on holiday, so had to use up the two eggs I had. (I don’t like throwing anything away, because that does eat up in my expense) So I made Cherry Kirsch Cupcakes – with crushed cherries in the batter and lashings of kirsch buttercream, sprinkled with cute red edible heartys! 

They are £3.60 each because it does contain kirsch which is a liquor. So good, perfect for any type of occasion. I gave 6 to my brother and kept the rest for myself. I have only two left now! The sponge is so soft, fluffy, and the cherries add a little omph, character, different texture which is needed sometimes! Rather than a plain ole cuppycake right………….

I then took my own pictures, like I do with everything!!!



Hope you have a wonderful week, I will be off enjoying some winter sun.



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