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Hi Guys, I am officially back on London Soil, my holiday was remarkable, I didn’t want to come back, I am still trying to figure out why I even came back?!?!……….. But oh wells right……..

So last week, I was slightly bored and promised myself I’d make something different. You know I love working with chocolate, but sometimes even chocolate gets on my nerves, all that malarky with tempering and all that jazz! I wanted to do something different, fun, simple and literally does not take long to make! 

I came up with a chocolate mousse, a petite dessert, served in my petite canapé glasses. They are soooo cute. So its a dark chocolate mousse. On the base I have a different flavour, so in one there is freeze dried strawberries, in the other freeze dried raspberries, in the other rose petals and last but not least Feuillitene (caramelised pastry crunch) These are perfect for any time of day, and any occasion. They will sit perfectly at a dinner table, afternoon tea, or even a sophisticated wedding party! 

Ever since I made them, I’ve been eating them!!! The balance between 55% dark chocolate, and the tang of the freeze dried fruits is amazing. Also with the rose petals, its very romantic, floral, subtly balanced. The feuillitene is my favourite with the added crunch and the caramel tones. I am in love with these.

They are available in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Mousse. With the four accompanied flavours. My prices are listed on my website



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