New Cake Collection

Last week I had the honour of visiting the Meringue Girls Bakery Kitchen in Hackney. Yes it’s a bit far out on the other side of the river, but………… I was there on a mission. A mission to learn how to fill, stack and level cakes properly! 

I can make a pretty mean ass looking cake, I can also cover a mean ass looking cake, but I do struggle with the buttercream, like lately I have been following Australian cakers on instagram and OMG seriously!!! The talent I am seeing is AMAZEBALLS!!!! And they’re not even pros!!!!! (sighs) I religiously follow Katherine Sabbath, Cakes by Cliff, Shaun Teo Creations, Nectar & Stone, just to name a few! So I wanted to make a Katherine Sabbath cake, but my leveling and smoothing skills are so terrible. Its only recently I actually invested in a saw cutting machine, its not really a saw cutting machine, its an Agbay, the best cake cutter!!!! Straight perfect cakes each and every time, so the next stage is placing the sponge on each other and then covering in buttercream, that bit I find tricky, and how to get it perfectly smooth assss, mean looking straight edges (know what I mean)

Anyways, too much jibber jabber, you get the drift right?!?! I hope you do!!! So Carla aka Fondant Fox, works alongside Meringue Girls, she is the master caker baker, her cakes are just mind blowing freaking mazing!! Check her out on Insta!!! Mainly does all buttercream cakes, so last year, I emailed her in regards to a class I wanted to do. Private masterclass of course, cause its hard enough trying to learn with a bunch of other people…. wouldn’t get a word in edgeways! She quickly responded and the date was set, and so was the cake!! 🙂

So last Friday was my cake class, the journey was ok until I got to Cambridge Heath and had no idea where I was going! But nonetheless made it there in 1 piece, and wooooooow, the meringue girls kitchen is flipping amazeballs!! I wish my kitchen or had a kitchen like that!!! If you want to see more of the girls, check out their YouTube channel!!! 

It was a 3 hour masterclass and what I was taught I was blown away. She told me some tricks of the trade 🙂 and it was so nice to be taught how to fill a cake properly, without slapping the buttercream all over the place. And the smoothing was just like clockwork! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! And its a pure buttercream cake, there is not a fondant in sight! (you see my pun there :p) It was a two tier cake with a maoooosssiiveeeee Ice Cream Cone in the middle, the effect like the cone is melting, so the chocolate drips represents that! Just simply amazing, I was so proud of my achievements! Now I can honestly say, I cannot bloody wait to do my next cake! I have so many ideas as it is!!!

I posted the images on my facebook page and received I think approximately 82 likes! Crrraaaaayyyyyzeeeeee right!!!

Feast for your eyes: 4 thick layers of sponge, filled with vanilla buttercream, raspberry jam and then covered in smooth buttercream. Top Tier: 3 thick layers of sponge, vanilla buttercream. Ice cream cone on top and chocolate drips!

This cake is perfect for birthdays, weddings, wedding receptions etc. It can be customised and tailor made to your requirements. 

This cake is now available to order, there is a new price list up on my website for your guidance!P1150915


As it was such a heavy cake to carry, I took an Uber home, and oh my gawwwwwdddd it was probably the worst journey of my lyyyyffeeeee, took like 2 hours to get to Wembley, and the dude was just talking so muchhhhh about his life!!! Asked me 5 times if I was married and then asked me if I had kids!!!! What a Numpty!!!!


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