Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations

I travel all the time, I have been to so many countries that even sometimes I forget. You should write about what you love…… right…… I wrote this guide a while back which was then used on Medway Travel.

The whole palava of getting married is the honeymoon in the end, the best bit to look forward to! Get away with your partner, release the stress and frustration, unwind and let your hair down, scream the place down if you have to!

One day I may refer to my own personal guide of the ultimate destinations! It is the most indulgent holiday of your lives, the chance to go all out, truly because you deserve it! Every honeymoon requires romance – but not the type with sunset dinners and champagne breakfasts all the time – Cliche much?

So what makes the perfect honeymoon? Whether its a private tropical island all to yourselves, a cottage in the middle of nowhere, or a secret bolthole in one of Europe’s enchanted cities:

1. Bora Bora – French Polynesia. 

The ultimate honeymoon destination for couples. Crisp beaches, clear waters, perfect castaway getaway. Lunge yourself in paradise and enjoy a week of doing absolutely nothing! No expense spared resorts, waterfalls plashing into deep green pools in the jungle.
The best place to stay – Four Seasons
This is where I will be going for sure! 

 2. Seychelles – Indian Ocean

It’s out-of-this-world beautiful, the archetypal Indian Ocean paradise: palm-fringed beaches shelving gently into a dreamy-turquoise sea. And there’s a romantic wildness to it which certain others lack; the islands of the Seychelles are less groomed; there’s adventure to be had and curious wildlife.

Best place to stay is ultimately the North Island – Do not disturb.

On the three-kilometre-long island there are just 11 thatched villas to stay in, built in ‘haute couture Robinson Crusoe’ style from found materials: naturally-fallen woods of the takamaka, rosewood and ylang ylang tree. They are rustic and rambling, set in so much space it’s perfectly possible not to see another soul in your stay (not counting staff). The island is a nature conservancy, as well as a place to retreat from the world; and it has been restocked by conservationists with hundreds of thousands of endangered and indigenous species of flora and fauna.  

 3. Mauritius – Indian Ocean

It’s not just about the beaches, but the beaches are superb. And if that’s the kind of holiday you want – to lie on a
cabana and be handed cocktails on the hour, every hour – Mauritius is the place for it. Many beach-front resorts here tend towards high-octane glamour; but it is also possible to find under-the-radar, more laid-back places to stay to suit independent travellers.
Best Place to Stay: St Regis Mauritius
With its Michelin-worthy restaurant and cute, drift woody boathouse bar on the beach, is the newcomer causing a stir. Let the nothing’s-too-much-trouble staff take you to see the island’s most beautiful sights and set out your picnic on a crisp white tablecloth.

4. Italy – Europe 

The home of romance 🙂 the Italian islands: Sardinia, with its unbelievably turquoise waters and white-sand beaches of the Costa Smeralda; Capri and lesser-known Ischia, which has sandy beaches and hot springs.
The best place to stay: Hotel Alghero

5. Zanzibar 
The spice islands of Tanzania – Zanzibar, Pemba, Chole, Mafia – are the stuff of fantasy. Extraordinarily clear, blue waters and remote white-sand beaches, empty but for a salt-harvesting local in the distance, perhaps; or a single pair of sun loungers set out just for you. And these islands are but drops in the ocean compared with the vast wildernesses of the rest of the country. Tanzania is a giraffe’s head and shoulders above other countries when it comes to wildlife and landscapes: the highest mountains; the greatest lakes; a quarter of it given over to national parks and game reserves, thrumming with great numbers of birds and beasts.So it’s no wonder that the bush-and-beach honeymoon is becoming increasingly popular – two weeks or more, split between two or more of Tanzania’s extraordinary lodges, from the plains to the coast. Two out-of-this-world honeymoons in one!
The Best Place to Stay – Mnemba Island Lodge

Hotel number 2: Something different – Manta Underwater Hotel 

How fantastical, the idea of sleeping underwater! It conjures up images of Steve Zissou’s Life Aquatic, an Octopus’s
Garden, or the lost, sunken city of Atlantis – being somehow able to bob around down there in all that peaceful blue. The bedroom’s interior is not the most glamorous – but it’s the views, not the linens, that are the thing here. Large windows around the bed offer broad views into the bounteous blue on the other side, as the archipelago’s rich marine life flickers by.

6. Greece – Europe
There’s something so utterly captivating about Greece and her islands. The simple beauty, the rich history and mythology, the scrubby wildernesses scented with wild flowers, the perfect clash of blue and white. All that light! Dazzling on little whitewashed church domes and fishermen’s cottages built into the rock. And the unbelievable blue of the sea and the skies in long, hot summers that seem to last most of the year.
One of the most photogenic of them is Santorini, a honeymooner’s paradise. It is absurdly beautiful – and absurdly popular, too – but thanks to the natural amphitheatre of its caldera, anyone staying in the whitewashed villages that tumble down its steep hillsides gets an uninterrupted view of the volcano and the deepest blue sea. At sunset the setting sun paints the villages pink and honey-gold.
The Best Place to Stay: Grace Santorini

7. Caribbean
Beaches around the world are compared to the Caribbean, but nowhere, really, is quite like the Caribbean. Limpid, pale-blue sea through which you can see your toes, wiggling in the shell-pink sand, angelfish flashing around your ankles. In the evening the sun falls fast and lights the sky up electric pink, orange, red. Of course, all this is no secret; and nothing bursts the just-married bubble like a sunset buffet with a dozen other newly weds.
For the best small and perfectly formed – Petit St Vincent – Private Island

8. Scotland – England
From June to August, when Santorini and St Lucia are swarming with brides hot in their frothy frocks, when every terrace in Venice and Ravello is clinking with newly weds, Scotland might very well be the smart choice for honeymooners.
The best in Self Contained Seclusion – The Torridon Boat House

9. Belize – Cayo Espanto
Five kilometres off Ambergris Caye, the largest island of 
the Belizean archipelago, Cayo Espanto, is a low-lying sandy island, its interior dense with coconut palms. 
There are eight standalone villas, seven of them arranged 
on its north and south coasts, and one, Ventanas, built 
out over the water at the end of a 45-metre wooden walkway on the east of the island. The villas vary in size 
and spec, but are all simple wooden structures, lined in local hardwoods of cericote and jobillo, and plainly but comfortably furnished with giant beds and rattan chairs. 

10. The Cook Islands – Rarotonga – South Pacific 

The capital of the Cook Islands is extragavantly beautiful. Home to some of the loveliest turquoise lagoons in the South Pacific, lush vegetation and flowers, it is truly a paradise on earth. An abundance of coral reefs, great visibility all year round and reasonable prices make the Cook Islands as a whole, an ideal destionation for beach holidays, diving and snorkelling.

Best Place to Stay: Pacific Resort Rarotonga


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