London Food Scene

So I’m a big foodie, I like to explore new cuisines, I have no limitations in what I eat, apart from one thing, which I don’t go near! But everything else, I’m open to a variety of things. I even like to drink too, but not excessively, its more about the food for me if I’m honest….

I go to London a lot, I don’t live far, takes me 20 minutes by tube to get into zone 1, which is pretty handy 🙂 London is the biggest food capital of the world! There is a lot of science + technology involved here, and I am so lucky to be living and experiencing it all!

I appreciate food for what it is and more, local produce, seasonal flavours, I’m not just about fancy restaurants, I like discovering new people coming into the scene, food markets, festivals, street food, the new starters making it to the top!

Yolkin – a lovely lady specialising in Macaron Sandwiches, its basically a macaron shell with ice cream squished in the middle – they look absolutely gorg! She makes everything herself from the shells, to the ice cream, its all fresh! She sells them during the weekend only at 40 Great Windmill Street – get there early as they do sell out pretty quick. Follow her on Instagram: Yolkimaice Hopefully I get a chance to check her out soon 🙂

Rola Wala – Selling at Streetfeast a food festival market trading on Thursday – Saturday with three different locations. They do a variety of indian favourites with a twist, so imagine three little naan sliders with chicken tikka, paneer and pork/goat/beef, with additional toppings, sauces, spices, depending on their weekly menu. They also do paneer chips :O. Their food is transformed by spice and its so good, I have had it a few times now, and I have to say the best Indian feast, goes down nicely with a pint of beer, and because its like light bites, you can go back for more :p Also for every naan roll sold, the money goes to a charity, providing school meals to a child, which is pretty awesome!



BBQ Dreamz – I first discovered them at Kerb West India Quay, they’re pretty small – Filipino inspired street food by Sinead Campbell & Lee Johnson. They have a big menu, and it rotates weekly. I had their Chicken Satay with Salad, as the day I went, they had a power cut, so couldn’t cook their jasmine rice, which was actually fine by me, as it was soooooo ridiculously hot, so the salad helped! Was it good? Helllll yeah it was, refreshing with the pickled cucumbers, right amount of spice, the chicken was smokey with a bbq taste, but also the satay was just soo juicy, not too peanut like either! Definitely worth checking these guys out! Check out the Kerb website for when and where they trade. 

Bill or Beak – Same they trade at Kerb they specialise in alternative burgers! If you love burgers as much as I do, trust meeeeeee, these guys are the BESTEST!!!!! They do a variety of everything, from your chicken to duck, to veggie, and also a brunch type too! (Hmmmm I’m getting hungry just typing this….) So, the toppings are pretty yummy, its all fresh produce, all topped on a lightly toasted brioche bun – oh which they also make themselves :), andddd all their options are gluten and lactose free!!! Hoooraayyyyy!! The best of everything!


Top Picture: Bill or Beak – Beak Burger. Bottom: BBQ Dreamz – Chicken Satay Salad.

The Grilling Greek – I was walking around southbank on a friday afternoon, weather was gorg, warm, bright, sunnies were most definitely out. I noticed a food market just near The Royal Festival Hall, it was Kerb does Alchemy, where so many different traders get together, I think there were about 12 in total, this was my first actual time discovering Kerb by the way! I was totally blown away, so many different types of cuisines from Greek, French, Japanese, British (Fish & Chips), Indian, Vietnamese (Pho) to different types of desserts. It was foodie heaven! Also not expensive either, and there are so many place to sit and enjoy your food, with the river just a few steps away. Picnic!!! I decided to try their Hand-cut triple-cooked chips with oregano feta. I was a bit skeptical at first, salt on salt and savoury with the oregano, but actually worked quite well together, it was a bit salty at first, but you get use to it! The addition of feta was nice to be honest, not your average portion of chips, they weren’t at all greasy as they were triple cooked – dry in texture actually! Highly recommend these guys!


Yum Bun – Soft steamed buns – availabe in Pork (best seller), Chicken, Mushroom, Tofu, Shrimp, Pollack, and Duck. Ice Cream Buns available in Coconut Ice Cream, Coffee Ice Cream and Condensed Milk. The one thing I loved about these guys the first time I tried them at Hawker House, at how surprisingly soft the bun was. I mean fluffy, pillow-like when you squeezed it, it bounced back to shape. Each bun contains the freshest of ingredients, and a sauce to compliment. Once presented to you, you can like me go crazy with the Sriracha! If you don’t like it too spicy, stay away!!! That shit is craaaaayzeeeee HOT!


Birdbox – Rotisserie Chicken – So freeking awesome!!! Tender, juicy, falls off the bone, with some rotisserie roasted rosemary potatoes, drenched in their magic sauce and roasted lemons!!! I want some more NOW!!!




Kenton Lane Cafe – Ok so this place I discovered ages ago, been about 6 years now, and I use to go every other sunday for a slap up brekkie. Only recently I went back properly and had brunch. It’s not your typical café, its an Indian café. They do like Masala Chai (my fave), Masala Omelettes, Masala beans, Bombay Sandwich, Peri Peri Chips, whatever you want, name it, they will make it for ya! I had the masala omelette with the masala chips and masala chai obviously. Seriously big plate of food, but trust me you will finish it, everytime you take a bite, you just want moreeeee…… “Please sir…..I want some more”…….. “MORRREEEEEEEE!!!” Hahahahah. Go there after a heavy night and you’ll be hangover cured!


Crosstown Doughnuts – so these guys have been around for like 3/4 years I think, they first started off at Leather Lane, and selling at cafes etc, they opened their shop in Piccadilly Circus train station, before moving to Soho permenantly! And OMG their doughnuts are so freekishly delicious, made from their famous sourdough and injected with flavour upon flavour. The first time I got a box of 6, their most famous flavours, and also as it was December, they had a limited edition Quince one! I highly recommend this place to all you beauts!!! Please just goooo and stuff your face. They also do mini ones so you don’t feel so bad for having a big maooooosive one!


Banana Tree – Lovely little place, a nice fusion of indochinese cuisine, their menu is so vast, it will wet anyone’s appetite. Whether you are a veggie, or a meaty, or a fishy person, this place is so gooooooood! I was walking past one sunny afternoon and ventured in, was pretty empty for a lunchtime, but that didn’t bother me, and also they had a happy hour on their drinks, which was surprising, buy 1 get 1 free too! I opted for their Ying Yang Luksha – spicy coconut broth with rice and wheat noodles, red chillies, beancurd, beansprouts and tiger prawns! Was so good, I loved it. Such a great place, I’ll definitely be returning back to check out more of their menu!!!


Dishoom – Mumbai Indian Street Food. If you have been to Mumbai then you will know they have various stalls outside on the streets selling food like Bhel Puri, Pani Puri Chaat, Fresh Sugarcane Juice, oh the lovely Chaiwalla’s selling their imfamous chai in tiny glasses, and sweetened with a load of sugar!! The only way to start your morning is to get a sugar rush, it will last you till evening! The most famous beverages in India is the Thumbs Up – slightly bitter than coke, one sip will take you back to the homeland. If you have not tried it, then why are you waiting, go and get yourself a bottle!!!! Also Limca – thirst-quenchingly good lemonade! Not your average, contains a little bit of salt. Everytime I go to Kutch (Gujarat, India) there is always a crate waiting for me at home with Limca and Thumbs Up, it lasts me my entire stay!! So cheap too at like 3 rupees a pop!


The food at Dishoom is also nice, I have had majority of their menu, so if I was to go back, it’d have to be a very special occasion! Paneer Roll is good, packed with green leaves, and mint chutney. Its nothing wow, its flavoursome with the condiments they also provide with you. However, they are slightly on the larger side, so sharing is worthwhile! Or you can take it with you in a doggy bag!2016-04-17-13-30-09.jpg

Baileys Chai – Cushioning feeling when sipped!
Masala Prawns

These are my favourite Masala Prawns, charred on one side, slight bbq taste, juicy with a squeeze of lemon, just something simple! With a side of Dishoom Slaw. Their best seller is Okra Fries – these little ladyfinger morsels are so moreishly yummmmmmy! They are lightly seasoned with chilli powder – perfect as an appetiser.

The Big Bombay Breakfast

Akuri, char-striped smoked streaky bacon from The Ginger Pig, peppery Shropshire pork sausages, masala baked beans, grilled field mushroom, grilled tomato and buttered pau buns. Oh my wooooorrrddddd – the best breakfast in London by far!!!! I didn’t manage to finish all of it cause as you can see, there is so much!!!! I loved the bacon, I have a thing for bbq taste – charred and cripsy. The masala scrambled eggs were so yummy, and paired nicely with the pau buns. The house chai was ok, a bit too milky and sweet for my liking but its unlimited so fair dues! They don’t take reservation for less than 4, if theres a large group of you, then do book, if you don’t, they will tell you off!!! They have 4 branches now, each one of them is so different, according to the location they are in. I personally really like Kings X, its trendy yet so understately modern and the low lights gives it that airey, dark feel. It’s also very romantic – perfect for a date night. The basement bar is also of a good size. Probably one of their largest so far in London. And oh, they are opening a branch in Manchester too! Date is TBC!

Stax Diner – Situated in Kingly Court in the none other Carnaby Street – hip, trendy, area of regents street. Stax is soooo tiny, so be prepared to go when its quiet, or form a queue outside! The menu is actually pretty good, oh and its halal too. I probably went during the wrong time when I had the maddest cold! So everything to me was piping hot as in spicy! I couldn’t really make out the difference between the sauces to be honest. But let me tell you something, the burgers were hugeeeeeeeee, masssive in fact!!! I managed to get half way through before I gave up. The chips are a bit meh, don’t waste your money on them! They claim to be american, but I kid you not, they ain’t nowhere near it! Maybe next time I will give the shrimp a try and stay away from the chicks!


Try getting your mouth in that!!!

Ok so my next place is a rare find, I never knew about these guys till I was at Cordon Bleu and heard a lot of the other students talk about it. Thankfully that day it was hot as hell and I needed some gelato, after sitting in that theory class for an hour, had me sweating buckets (pun intended) I walked through covent garden, and found it behind cyber candy, a little shop called La Gelatiera they do crazy flavours according to the seasons! They also do the standard vanilla, chocolate, strawberry etc. Their flavours change every week. They push their limits. I tried their Fresh Mint & Basil and chilli. Ok so it was a limited edition flavour and at first I thought nah, a herbal infusion…. But I was relatively surprised, it also matched very nicely with the fresh mint, I don’t know how or what, but it gave a different sense to my tastebuds. To this day, I have not come across basil and chilli anywhere else! A tiny shop it may be, but they have now opened a new branch in East London which I will check out during the summer! Definitely known for their unusual flavours – pleaseeeeee go try them out. They do give out free samples too!!! 🙂2016-04-17-14-00-39.jpg

Amorino – Want something luxurious? Melts in your mouth? Looks like an artwork? 5 different flavours to choose from in 1 cone? Won’t break your bank balance? Go to Amorino, BEST GELATO IN LONDON!! NO LIIIIEEEEEE!!! They create a rose on the cone :O it’s a technique I will never master – I can’t even do a bloody quenelle, let alone a rose with I Scream!!! They have all the flavours under the sun, I mean Mango in winter?!?! Ok so Mango is a summer fruit, but hey, this is a sorbet, which is basically made from a puree!?!? Cause I don’t know about you but Mango is nowhere to be found in blaaaadddyyyyy Winter!!!  Oh they also do the BEST COCONUT HOT CHOCOLATE – Oh My Gosh! Ok so now you have to go!! And oh, if you go to covent garden branch, they have a downstairs or an upstairs (I can’t remember which one) where you can sit and have dessert like waffles etc! 🙂 They are open all year round, no matter what shitty weather you find in London Town! 2016-04-17-13-43-14.jpg

Another great place for a sit down sundae is Snowflake! They opened their first branch in Notting Hill, which then within 6 months led to Soho and then Edgware Road! These guys know what women bloody want!!! And that is shit loads of chocolate, am I right, or am I right?!?!?! If I remember correctly my first visit was to their Notting Hill branch where I got the Coffee Snowdrift which I have no idea why, cause I HAATTTEEEEE coffee with a venegance! But anywhos, was rather nice (hahaha) Who the hell am I kidding!! She put the espresso shot all over my I Scream and I literally wanted to bloody scream in her face!!! (in my head i did scream in her face) I had to eat around it!! Was ok though, but then I went back a few other times and sheer heaven, I’ve had their Knickerbocker (simply the best FYI) but my favourite is the Hot Fudge SnowDrift, OMG OMG did I mention OMG!!! Soft serve in that bowl right thurrrr! Crunchy pieces of honeycomb, lashings of caramel ice cream, and vanilla gelato smothered in that HOT FUDGE with chocolate I Scream! WooooooooooooooWzers!!! I can taste it right now….. (Wipes away drool…..) 



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      Go check it out, you’ll love it all 🙂


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    1. Go check them out, you will really enjoy it 🙂


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