Afternoon Tea @ The Palm Court

If you are a fan of Afternoon Tea then you will love this one. (Must warn you now, excuse my photos, they are a bit……..crap….. due to me then having an old phone) I am a BIG fan of afternoon tea, been to quite a few places but nothing quite takes the bite like this one! I went to this particular place after finishing Cordon Bleu, so you can imagine the standards at LCB are pretty high… Which they are! I did the afternoon tea there, so I know. I wanted to do a comparison, as all the other places I have been to, weren’t so worthy of being on the list! Wedgwood Afteroon Tea is keyessentially British!..

I made my reservation online, I got quite lucky as they had 10% off! I was dressed for the occasion! I’ve heard some great things about the Executive Pastry Chef Cherish Finden, she may be small, but boy the mouth on her!! You do not want to disappoint her in the kitchen nor do you want to get on the wrong side of her, otherwise she will kill you with her eyes!!! I’m so serious right now!! I went to the none other Langham Hotel, Palm Court! The most prestige Wedgewood Afternoon Tea to date! Their menu changes every 3 months, according to seasonal dates, events, etc. I made sure my stomach was empty for this occasion, as its so much food for 1 person.

As I was seated, I was presented with two magnum bottles of Laurent Perrier Champagne (my absolute fave), I chose to go with Brut! I was then presented with a menu of Tea’s, created by Alex Probyn, master of Tea! Yes of course there is such a thing, when I was at LCB, before doing the afternoon tea service, I was taught about the different ranges, its quite interesting to learn, if like me, you love tea!


Anyways, I chose the Pure Ceylon – full flavoured aromatic tea (perfect for winter). Slowly slowly everything started appearing on the table, Clotted Cream, Jam, Sugar cubes etc. Then…………… the amuse bouché was presented in front of me………. an amuse bouché is like a single bitesized hors d’oeuvre, its not an appetisier, its something the chef chooses to serve, to wet your palatte, get rid of other flavours lingering so you can fully enjoy your first course! Out came the Lemon Posset, at first glance it did not look bite sized, more like three teaspoons worth. It was delicately smooth, tiny pieces of lemon zest hidden under the freshly made cream. Nicely chilled, it did get rid of lingering champagne and tea flavours. It was so good, I wanted another, then remembered I had two whole courses to finish!!!! Beautifully presented, the addition of gold leaf makes an everlasting impression. 


I opted for vegetarian sandwiches, they were very accomdating, also I have an allergy to chickpeas which was clearly noted! They presented me with an array of brioche rolls and these cute little cone like things with mushroom pâtè and precision cut cucumber sandwiches. They use a ruler to measure their sandwiches, and they all need to be cut the same lengths and widths! (Attention to detail is a must) It was duely noticed! The first course was so yummy, I was already getting full on these. The pea salad on the plate was refreshing, it took away the harshness of the grainy mushroom pâtè. 


So as you can imagine, I was pretty full at this stage and then more sandwiches were brought out to me…….. eeeeeeek… I can’t say no to food! So I had a few!! Then had to fully force myself to STOP!!!

2016-04-17-13-34-28.jpgLovely jubly the scones were then brought to me, now I LUUURRRVVVEEEEE these little traditional British delights, I look forward to them fresh out the oven, with the clotted cream dolloped which slightly melts with the warmth Then dolloped with jam as you can see in the picture. So yes overly pleased to see them, I like them soft too, not too hard or crunchy, cause then it aint a scone! I took a bite, something seemed off, took another and blurgh didn’t put the rest in!! I noticed the eggy taste………… I don’t like the taste of that egg!!! Also it wasn’t flaky, it was hard and cold!!! I refused to eat the rest, they sat there on the plate looking lonesome!


Lets take a minute to admire the sheer beauty of this plate!!!………….. 

That is what you call perfection as its best! Cherish Finden has a phenonmenal creative mind, and if you watch Creme de la Creme on BBC2 you can see, shes also a very little person with fierce eyes that will pierce you like a dagger! Contents of the plate include: Yuzu for You – Langham chocolate mousse with Yuzu curd, Hathaway Rose Motif, Lemon Victoria sponge with raspberry and lime jam, Duck Egg Blue Cameo sat proudly in the centre above a Strawberry and White Balsamic Victoria Sponge, Cinnamon Biscuit Tea, Rose & Lychee Log, and Kouglof, 64% chocolate, raspberry and lightly roasted pistachio financier. 

Beautifully presented on fine bone china plates, keeping in with the theme, the wedgwood plates are stunning! Everything was nice apart from the cinnamon biscuit, it just seemed like a plain sablé to me in all honesty. The rose & lychee log was like paradise, each bite complimented each other, not too filling, creamy and soft. The duck egg was ok, I did like the different textures of strawberry and white balsamic victoria sponge, perfectly matched flavours. However the Kouglof was rich, too much chocolate left on your palate, but what a way to end the experience. I absolutely loved the sandwiches, they were definitely a hit on my part. I did like the desserts, but actually they look a whole lot better than they taste!! 

The Langham itself is a very beautiful hotel, so to be having afternoon tea in such surroundings is another experience. A plush 5* star in the hustle and bustle of London is just what you need, put your feet up and relax in good food and dessert!

The service is 100% impeccable, I have been to a few 5* hotels, but this for me, has been the best in terms of service, they take care of you, like you are royality! Oh and I left with a bag of complimentary nougat, made in house of course!


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  1. dosirakbento says:

    Did you mention anything re the scones or did they? Scones are such an essential part of Afternoon Tea so it must have been quite disappointing not to have liked these!


    1. Hi Dosirakbento,

      I did complain about the scones, however, not much was done about it. They did bring me another, but it was just the same. Totally agree that scones are an essential part! Theirs was a big let down!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dosirakbento says:

        Well, with that venue you expect them to at least bring another one but if it’s their recipe not much can be done 😦
        Btw I admire you going for an full afternoon tea on your own. I do sometimes for cream tea or at small cafe’s (and I often go out for lunch on my own) but wouldn’t really go do that for the full thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Their recipe needs tweaking a lot. Thank you 🙂 I often go to places on my own…

        Liked by 1 person

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