Sipping on Champagne..

London is such a big city, new restaurants and bars are being opened every month! Its such a joy to experience London, see things you haven’t, eat and drink crazy concoctions. I love this city so much, I wouldn’t move for a nickle!

“I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it, unless I’m thirsty” – Madame Lily Bollinger

Vertigo 42 is one of London’s finest, sleekiest champagne bars, sitting on the 42nd floor of Tower 42, you are completely in awe of the London SkyLine. It is one of London’s highest buildings, definitely towering Duck & Waffle! During the evening after 6pm you must have a reservation, however, during mid week, if you walk in around 5pm like we did, you are definitely guaranteed a nice window view, also its relatively quiet, sombré moment just to chill. This place is perfect for a date!!

Serving the best champagne, Laurent Perrier (one of my favourite brands) Their Brut is nice, not too dry, not too acidic, plesant on the palate, you can literally sit there and have the whole bottle! They allow you to sit for 2 hours, and a spenditure of £15pp which is easily do-able!

Rasbellini, Brut & Bisou Bisou

I chose the Rasbellini – Liqueur de framboise, raspberry puree, gum syrup topped up with champagne. It was soooo nice, like absolutely yummy, not sweet, not sour, just the way you need a champagne cocktail to be! Perfect combination and you can taste the gum syrup on the back of your throat, leaving a warm, ever lasting feeling. Bisou Bisou is Cognac, vanilla syrup, passion fruit puree topped up with champagne – there is no taste of passion fruit in this, hints of vanilla syrup are noted, but actually majority of it is just pure champagne taste! I think they need to adjust their recipe a bit. The other flute was a LP Brut. Clink clink to the weekend 🙂

It was cloudy on that wednesday, on and off spells of rain. Nonetheless, looking at the angry side and warm side was spectacular. I will forever be coming back to this beautiful bar! Nicer during the longer days in summer, watching the sunset is mesmerising…






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