Trends in Pastry!

I have just seen an article by Ruth Hinks – UK World Chocolate Masters about the newest trend in Pastry for this year. It’s kind of ironic, as the things I am about to list, have always been a trend in the pastry world, whether you are doing an out of this world chocolate showpiece, or you are creating your own signature dessert. I’m not so sure why they have been listed now to be honest. Ever since I started Pastry, I was taught all these things and they are forever growing in every hotel, restaurant, cafe kitchen! Whether you go to a fancy place, or a little cafe in the middle of nowhere, chefs are tweaking everything to bring their own flair to it! And WHY THE HELL NOT!!! Pastry is about being creative and tasteful!

I got into pastry for many reasons, one that is brings out my creative side, I mean its good and well putting it on paper etc, but when you bring it to life, its more than amazing, when people eat what you make and they love it, then its really freeking fantastic! I am basically making the world fat! No pun intended! My mind is always coming up with these crazy ideas, and flavour combinations, some work, some don’t, I do a lot of trial and errors, but when it does finally come together, I am my most happiest! I have a lot of respect for chefs who do their jobs, be it professional or someone who is just getting started, the hours are freeking ridiculous, there is no time for a social life. So if you think you have the balls to reach for the stars, then do it! Just remember, when you have a culinary degree/profession, there are so many jobs and avenues you can get into! The world is literally your oyster! So many specialities, find what you’re truly good at and excel in that! 🙂

So the trends which were mentioned is an everyday trend like I mentioned, the good ole afternoon tea once again comes to question. I have done afternoon tea for a while now, my menu is slightly different to what you receive in restaurants and hotels! If you are one for a brunch on a Sunday, why not go for a lower cost effective afternoon tea instead. There are so many coffee shops, cafés providing this service.



I’m all for a plated dessert, whether to keep it minimal, or play on the colours, have a theme in mind! I have done a few plated desserts, but the one I keep going back to is my Exotic Fruits – A play on the words, its actually a tiny mousse entremet, with tropical flavours, paired with a coulis! With chefs at restaurants, its their chance to show the history behind the story etc. With new up-to date techniques being brought out, you just have to look on Instagram to see whats rising nowadays! It is all about the tableside presentation too, be it flambéing a rum soaked pudding, or pouring hot chocolate on a sphere, it definitely leaves a lasting impression on the guests!


Chocolate showpiece is the ultimate showstopper. If you watch Crème de la crème on BBC2 on Tuesday evenings, then you would have seen some of the amazing grand pieces. They do take a while to construct! Out of this world crazy, chocolatiers are known to be crazy, trust me, I specialise in chocolate! Some chocolatiers teach themselves, some have professional help and have been doing it for a while. Nonetheless, go ahead and try it, tempering chocolate is pretty easy! I haven’t really attempted a showpiece like that, however, I have made a 3D Chocolate box and a 2D Standing Plaque. Both pieces I was quite proud off to be honest!




Signature Dessert is something unique to you, only something you can create and become well known for, it is a technique employed by chefs all over the world! It is particulary important for boutique hotels to stand out from their vast range of desserts! By promoting and focusing on a signature dessert, chefs quickly gain the experience needed to deliver excellence time and time again. A good example is the recent FreakShake, its popping up all over social media, created by Patissez in Canberra, whilst not really suited in fine dining establishments, the overnight popularity is a lesson to us all!

My signature dessert is actually a chocolate shot I created using the most unusual composition of flavours and textures. It is an indian influence on the mouth refresher, which is eaten after you have finished your meal. At first, I made a truffle out of it, it was ok, but in my eyes, it needed that Omph, something classy! I then came up with a mini shot glass idea, with a ganache filling and more of the mix on top. This is my Signature Paan Masala Chocolate Shot©! I searched high and low all over the UK to see if anyone was doing it, and no one was!!! I had to grab that opportunity and make it mine!


Last but not least is the Pastry Competition – it is great to attend these events such as Coupe de Monde, and the World Chocolate Masters. Best place to see up and coming trends in the pastry world, and a great place to network!! There are so many chefs who push boundaries and limitations to become number 1, its amazing to watch! I watched Coupe de Monde live last year, as one of my Cordon Bleu Chefs took centre stage with his remarkable sugar work collection – he has some serious skills, the best sugar expert I know!! Hopefully next year, I get a chance to attend as a bystander!

These are all my creations I have produced ever since I got into pastry which has been roughly 2 years now, I am still new to this game, but I am forever changing it and making it my own!


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  1. dosirakbento says:

    It looks all amazing!

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  2. cindyfelish says:

    it looks cute, appetizing yum!

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