These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New…

On the sunday, woke up pretty early, 06:30am, uk time: 11:30am, got ready, went for breakfast around 8ish. Looked outside the window and it was chucking it down with rain!! In my head I said to myself, “I left 26 degrees for 10 degrees and rain!!! What was I thinking?!?!?!?!!?”…… There was this Italian place across the road, called ‘Cafe Coffee’ or something, their brekkie menu was okay, nothing too out there, i opted for buttermilk pancakes with a selection of fruit and english tea.Was ok, nothing too special, did fill me up though.

Literally spent the morning getting drenched. Walked through Times Square at 09:30 and it was pretty much dead, also being a Sunday, most people still in bed! It was raining pretty hard, I saw my own reflection on a masssive puddle! It was a different sight, grey clouds towering over the tall buildings, makes you feel like a tiny smurf!


Walked into a starbucks, got a hot drink and decided to cool off and warm myself up. Eventually the sun decided to creep out, the clouds disappeared and it was a fresh, clean sky, and yep warm!!! 🙂 Spent most of the day shopping, went into Barnes, spent about an hour or so there, looking at various books, and things for kids…..Barnes is basically a Waterstones in London. It was in the perfect location of 5th Avenue, where majority of everything is…….just a long walk away, a long looooooooooonnngggg street!!! Eventually the sun popped out, the clouds faded away, and it was a fresh crisp sky! As the weather for a bit of a mis-hap, decided that this day was perfect for shooooppppinnggggg…….. 🙂


Next stop, my favourite: Sephora, makeup spreeee, grabbed a basket and added in things I needed, and the great thing about all the products I purchased, they can be purchased from the UK too, online though, not in actual shops, and they are slightly more expensive here too. I kindly asked one of the girls to test my skin for the right foundation colour, she used a little machine, tests three shades: undertones, skin and under eye. Where you can see the pink/yellow tones, redness, and what type of skin you have, as in the tone. It was pretty good, I already know I am a yellow undertone, with dark circles under my eyes etc. But she matched the perfect shade of foundation for me, looked completely natural!!! I bought the rainforest of the sea new liquid water foundation by tarte cosmetics, also their new face mist. Marc Jacobs gel eye liners in black and gold, kat von d shade + light contour palette, and majority of her tattoo liners in black, brown, navy, teal, and turquoise, a sephora nude pencil liner, nude beauty blender, Makeup forever setting spray, and I think thats it. If you want to get your hands on these products you can from Rose’s Beauty Store. I did spend quite a lot of money on these products, but its the only things I needed in all fairness. When you’re in sephora, you do go kinda cray cray!!! I have since used my new makeup – I love the water foundation, its so light, almost weightless, sprayed the hydrating mist beforehand, its a 4 in 1, so primer, hydration, setting, and skin refresher, smells lush, like citrus, so fresh, the packaging of the bottle is so lovely too! A little mist on the face goes a long way!! The foundation did last the whole day, applied with a damp beauty blender, then set it with my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder! The gel liner by marc jacobs is good for tight lining, it also comes with a handy sharpener on the end of the stick – I love that it doesn’t transfer to the bottom water line. If using for under water line, lightly draw on and set it with black eye shadow! I have also used the Kat Von D Contour palette – I am still new to contouring, I used my double ended smashbox brush, and contoured away, and yessss it worked!! It gave me sharp cheekbones, and a slimer jaw line, thinner nose, and my under eye was brightened nicely. I love that palette, it is a bit pricey at £50, so its a “treat yourself” kinda thing, but definitely recommended! I have been using the tattoo liner since Feburary, previously purchased from Sephora in Dubai, its the best!!! I can get a nice, thin winged line, I love the tip of the pen, so precise, no clumping, no mess!!!! Perfection!! Ever since I started watching YouTube, my makeup techniques have improved so much, for the better of course!!! I’m a happy little bunny 🙂


As soon as you walk into Saks, its so beautiful!!!! Reminds me of a magical fairytale, where you know for sure, if you were to buy anything, it’d cost you an arm and leg! Pretty to look at, difficult to touch! Literally spent a few minutes and had to walk straight out. It is an upper class version of Harrods! Touch of elegance! The staff are friendly but very intimidating!


I walked around for a while, by the end of it, my poor little feet were so tired! But I had to stop in to Victoria’s Secret, so we have one in London on New Bond Street – that one is maaaaoooosssiiiveeeee!!! I think there are roughly 4 floors! This one I went into, was big too, but not overbearing, also not too busy 🙂 I hate busy shops, I get really impatient and also feel quite claustrophobic! The prices are similiar, but cheaper, also on the day as it was Mothers Day, they had a promotion, buy a bra and panty and receive a free bottle of perfume….. I bought one set, as I already a few of their sets already. They are one of the comfiest bra’s I own, it sits properly, and feels lightweight and doesn’t drag you down! Money well worth investing in.

Okay so by now, my toes felt like they were swollen, but I was adament to stop by Macy’s, I wasn’t going to get a chance after!

USA-NYC-MacysIt’s very daunting walking into Macy’s, people brag about this store like its a “lifesaver” cheaper than cheap, apparently!! I walked in, and I was so overwhelmed, this place is a MESS!!!!! Beyond crazier than Primarni! I went dizzy at one point, everything is so cramped together, floors beyond your eyes, and the signage system, again, went past through my head! Went through a few floors, and thought “I need to get outta here pronto” My worst nightmare come true!!!!! Spent 45 minutes in the perfume department, arghhhhhhhhhhh, my gawd those men who work there, are beyond annoying!! You ask for one particular brand and name and they bring out something totally different!! Can you not understand basic english mate?!?!?! Or you cannont understand my accent?!?!?! By that time, my nose was flaring up with all these scents that smelt the same, then he gives me coffee beans to smell, which made me very nauseous. I took one look at my sister and I was ready to punch someone, as was she!!! Finally a nice lady helped me out, in what I needed and then hurried out!!! At last I could breatheeeee!!! I get that it has everything under the sun, but seriously………….. Id’d rather go to individual shops and feel better, rather than being slinged side by side by annoyance!

Bloomingdales on the other hand, a lot more calmer, sophisticated, elegant, very expensive…..But my kinda department store. I walked in and admired everything. Tried on a few things here and there, literally, they treated me like a queen! I didn’t purchase anything though (haha) And their restrooms are pretty plush too!


Shopping in NYC is nothing compared to London. So many rows, blocks, streets, avenues, beyond your eyes! Trying to remember all those mind boggling things is beyond me! All you do is walk obviously (same like London) but in NYC feels like you’re walking for days!!!!!! Good exercise though……Definitely noticed calories getting burnt…….



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