Floral Potions

I am part of Yelp which is an online community, where you post reviews and pictures on practically anything and everything! It’s pretty awesome, you also get invited to so many events! Once you become a pro, depending on how “active” you are on the website, you then become an ‘elite’. I joined last year and so far I have done 141 reviews with 183 photos! You get to meet new, wonderful people, who share the same interests as you! So do sign up!!! 

I haven’t been to many Yelp events, this was my second one, I’ve made a promise to myself this year, that I will take part in as many as I can, also they pick you at random too. So if you get “waitlisted” don’t be disheartened! There are plenty more to sign up to 🙂

On Wednesday, I was at TwoRuba for the Chelsea Flower Show inspired Cocktail Masterclass. The rain that day was abismal, arghhhh, you spend an hour getting ready, doing your hair and makeup, only to then get drenched senseless!!! London weather is terrible!!! “Where is the gawddd darnnnn sunnn!!! Come on the month of May!!” I arrived at TwoRuba, have always wanted to go there to be honest, I was thinking about doing my birthday there, but unfortunately they didn’t have a space big enough for my guests. This was the perfect time for me to check the place out, its nice inside, almost like a long hall, cosy, great for after-work drinks, girly catch ups etc. Also the view of tower bridge from More Place is spectacular!

At first glance, I saw the garden of eden patch, a lovely floral spread, with cocktail patches, coconuts. It was beautiful.




I was then pleasantly welcomed in by cocktails, such a nice fruity, berry, soft cocktail. A teaser to get the evening started. Loads more yelpers started coming in, we were given time to mingle, chat, catch up, get to know each other.

2016-05-19-09-54-56 (1).jpg

Danny, our mixologist for the evening, kicked off the festivites with a shot first, it was yummy, almost tasted like Rhubarb, but to be honest not sure what it was, but was darn tasty.


He then explained the four different types of cocktails he’d be making, and we got to even try them in our own mini martini glasses 🙂 The first one was so nice “Grass is always Greener” – very summery, crisp, and I love the use of elderflower. The other three were ok, but when someone uses egg white in a cocktail, it kind of puts me off!

2016-05-19-11-08-26 (1).jpg

2016-05-19-09-51-17 (1).jpg

Ruba Fruit Punch was my absolute favourite, even though the flavours were bit complex, sweet on sweet, it worked, and the extra touch of edible flowers made it so pretty!

2016-05-19-09-52-02 (1).jpg

I had a wonderful evening, Beth the community manager did a tremendous job organising such a fabulous event. What was even more special was the 1-2-1 masterclass at the end, a very personal touch. Danny helped me create something neutral, yet very tasty, a blend of passao, vodka, bitter, lemon, sugar syrup and I think thats it. It wasn’t the floral potion, but definitely a summer potion. Something you can drink on the chill, relaxed, and in a glass filled with ice. It was so good, that I finished it within 10 minutes! 

I then went behind the bar to conjuer up another blend of mouthwatering flavours. Before I got a chance, I did something very unsual. I did a “bar service” yesss, a customer ordered a Sloe Gin Martini, and I got the chance in how to make it for them. Quite the task, but actually a good lesson, I learnt how to stir gin. Now I dislike gin, it’s bitter and tastes weird, but actually a good friend told me its the same as Vodka, the process of distillery. During the masterclass, Gin was used, and I wasn’t a fan. Then I tried it neat, and it kind of warmed on me….. Going back to Sloe Gin, Stirred not Shaken. It’s stirred with ice, then strained into a chilled martini glass, and that is it. But the stirring part is a hard process, you stir in 1 direction for about 5-7 minutes. The ice infuses it! Bombay Sapphire is rather pleasant in taste, not too harsh, quite subtle. I need to visit Gin Bars now to get a real feel for it. Also I don’t like when its mixed with a soft drink, neat is always better. 

IMG_20160520_113937.jpgI think I found myself a new career….

I then got to make my summer berry potion, a blend of raspberries, blackberries and passion fruit muddled together with lime, sugar, and then shaken with vodka and raspberry liquor, and then infused with Absolute Raspberry Vodka! Yummmmmmmm, gawd damn, seriously, I am in the wrong job, its all about a liquid diet!!! It was sooooo good, so gawd damn tasty, fruity, tangy, like a light dessert :p 




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