That Time I Jumped Into The Sky!….

My bucket list came into play this year, once I turned the big Three Zero, I felt my life needed a bit of “OMPH” because quite frankly, something was lacking!

Last year I didn’t go anywhere, I mean my passport was tucked away in a little cupboard under piles and piles of crap. My little wheely only made it to Oxford and back, which is a measly train ride away! I missed aeroplanes, I missed the excitement of a new adventure, I promised myself when I turn 30, I need to tick off some boxes…. I made a list! Its quite funny how you start comparing your life to how it is now, 30, then to 20’s! Yes I achieved and accomplished a lot in my life already, my CV speaks wonders! But my personal life, is lacking, it’s not boring, it just needs excitement…… I am a fun, adventourous, real life go getter! I love exploring new countries, been very fortunate in my earlier life to visit some ahmayzing places!!! I lose count to how many  stamps I have received.

So in Feburary, I booked my last ever trip to Dubai! Dubai is a man made city as everyone knows, its infrastructure is built on a land of sand. I first visited dubai in 2005 or something when there was hardly anything there, so many empty land slides, I mean there were no islands, apart from Jumeriah Beach! It was all about Bur Dubai and Old Dubai then, the one place to be! If you go now…. there’s Jumeriah Beach Residence, Jumeriah beach walk, dubai marina, atlantis side of dubai, jumeriah beach, the palm, bur dubai and old dubai! They are also building another island, I think it will be called Jumeriah Beach Island or something silly like that….. Little cities have been built over the years, oh an how can we forgot the wonderful Burj Khalifa, my gawd, that building is freeking huge, and sky high!


The number 1 accomplishment on my list was to do a Sky Dive, and that’s exactly what I did. My trip to Dubai was to do exactly that, and of course, to go visit my friend, whom at the time lived there! The price of the sky dive was approximately £350, you can by all means get sponsored for a cause etc, or just pay the darn price like I did! Its pretty much worth it! Do try and get insurance if you can, most travel companies don’t provide it, it is highly recommended, I managed to get it. It is perfectly safe, 100%, all the instructors are trained to the highest and have years of experience, you are in safe hands! I was strapped to Rob, my instructor, he was super awesome, I was mega excited in fact, not scared at all. You do 10 minutes training of what you’re suppose to do in the sky etc, and well just have FUN!


The jump is 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeriah, meaning higher than Burj Khalifa and Empire State Building!

I was pretty excited, not nervous or scared, just wanted to get out there and jump!

IMG_2784IMG_2791.JPGIt is at this point where I was a bit scared, you see my eyes are closed! I thought I was going to fall out of the harness, eeeeeeeeeekkkk………… all these thoughts haha, its such an adrenaline rush at the same time, but its so freeking scary! It all goes so fast as well, you don’t even realise! You are assigned a photogpher too, who not only takes shots of everything, but also a video! I’d upload the video, but this free plan malerky doesn’t allow me!


I think it took about a minute or two for me to release, seriously, I kept nodding my head, and I held on tight!!!! Rob even tried to loosen my arms up, but nahduhhhhhh………….


Once the parachute was released, I was free flowing in the sky for approximately 1o minutes, what a spectacular view! OH MY GOOODDD!!!!! The best thrill of a lifetime, was so worth it, it’s unexplainable. If you haven’t done it, what are you waiting for?!?!?!?!? If you have, then you know what I mean when I say YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRR, I want to do another now! But even higher! I use to be super scared of heights, so by doing this I even overcame that! So many fears were overcome, it felt like a sense of relief in a way too, my legs were wobbly when I landed, mouth was dry, and I felt really nauseous and sick, but nothing a lemon ice lolly couldn’t fix 🙂

IMG_2866.JPGThat is how small Dubai really is!



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  1. Nicole says:

    Holy-Wow! As much as I think I want to do something like that I’m not sure I ever could, sounds amazing but my stomach is in knots just thinking about it!
    Good on you though for doing it! Sounds like the experience of a lifetime!


    1. Thanks Nicole, I do recommend you doing it, but its up to you, it does make your stomach go into knots just thinking about the height. If you can get past that, then you’re in for a shot 🙂

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