Craze of the Freakshakes!

London is going through a craze of the freakshakes. Ever since it first launched in Australia, cafes, restaurants, dessert corners are going crazy for this monster, phenomenal, lashings of cream, chunks of brownies, chocolate, caramel, pretzels, nuts, biscuits and even a whole slice of pie concoction in a mason jug! 

Korean Street Food

My birthday falls during the worst time of the year!!!! The second day of January, when everyone is practically broke arse due to Xmas pressies and new year parties! This year was slightly okay though, everyone pretty much saved up :p 

Sheet Mask Frenzy

In my massive Sephora Haul, I also purchased their sheet masks. I’m new to all this fancy sheets going on your face, I pretty much stick to normal face masks out of a jar kinda thing! 

Modern Renaissance

By Anastasia Beverly Hills. I wish this palette had come out when I was in NYC! But hey ho, a girl needs what a girl needs right! Been seeing this palette all over social media, even saw the preview poster at Sephora, and oh myyy, does it look freeking beautiful up close and personal!

Dessert Weekend

Last weekend I was on a dessert frenzy, I tried a water ganache for the first time, did it set…….NO!!!……. (cried and cried and cried)……….

Busy Busy Busy!!!

It has been ages since I last did a blog post!! There are so many reviews I want to share and recipes, I just need to find the time somewhere in between to do that.