Dessert Weekend

Last weekend I was on a dessert frenzy, I tried a water ganache for the first time, did it set…….NO!!!……. (cried and cried and cried)……….

I think it just had a bit too much liquid in it, although I did hold back from pouring too much in, then it had the alcohol in it, so yeah, pretty much runny after two days. Then I tried to save it by adding more chocolate, then it just completely died and got ruined, so booooooohoooo. But, I did pipe some in to my truffle spheres which actually managed to set in time, Hoooooraayyyy!!!! 

I tried out Pimms truffles, and they went down a storm! Everyone loved them, as did I too. Making the liquid is a 24 hour process as it needs to strain overnight, over a jug wrapped in muslin cloth. The results are phenomenal. I also did my trusted favourite Meringue Kisses, different flavours, and last minute plan b of Pate De Fruits, they’re so good, like a fruit pastille, but not as hard, and packed full of natural flavours (no gelatine).



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