Sheet Mask Frenzy

In my massive Sephora Haul, I also purchased their sheet masks. I’m new to all this fancy sheets going on your face, I pretty much stick to normal face masks out of a jar kinda thing! 

When I was in NYC I bought one to try it out, why oh why, again, seriously, to a country I’m not going back to anytime soon, you’d think I’d stock up on everything there is!!! There needs to be a sephora in London, why isn’t there one!!!! So yes, I bought loads…………..went a bit overboard, but actually the first mask I bought and tried, did amazing things to my face. Not only did it rehydrate, it also felt smooth, velvety, and oh plumped. We like the “plumped” feeling 🙂 It was the Orchid face mask – anti aging and smoothing, moistourises and evens the skintone.

First things first, the packaging is nice and colourful, that is probably the selling point. Remove it out the packaging, the liquid is everywhere, gaaahhhhh, so you have to unfold the whole mask before putting it on, and remove the pink film. So the sheet fitted onto my face perfectly, only downside, the eye cut out area was a tad big, I wish it tucked itself properly. I usually leave face masks on for a lot longer than it says on the packaging. Left it on for 30 minutes, at first it felt nice, like a tingly effect, the gel absorbed into the face nicely. After about 20 minutes I noticed around the nose and lip area it started to get rather dry, like the gel had soaked into my face in no time. Removing at 30 minutes, I gently wiped the excess off with a muslin cloth, still patting it in to make sure its all absorbed in my skin.

My face felt tacky for a few minutes, shortly after 5 minutes, felt re-energised, hydrated, full of life, smooth, plumped and just soft as a babys bum. At $6 they are a tad pricey, now that I’m stocked up, I probably won’t re-purchase. I also got the eye masks, I wonder how they are. They will be reviewed next.

So yes, these masks are worth the try, they are £4.41, I’m pretty sure I can find some really good ones if I looked hard enough. But for now, they will keep me going till I eventually run out.



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