Korean Street Food

My birthday falls during the worst time of the year!!!! The second day of January, when everyone is practically broke arse due to Xmas pressies and new year parties! This year was slightly okay though, everyone pretty much saved up :p 

For my birthday lunch with my bestie I chose Jinjuu, that list of mine got ticked off! Ever since it opened, I’ve been meaning to pay a visit, but its timing issues, and I shouldn’t really use it as an excuse, but hey ho, sometimes there are so many plans, some things just get left aside. I made it my mission when my friend my bestie said “It’s your choice!”

‘Jinjuu’ meaning ‘pearl’ is a premier modern Korean food restaurant owned by Celebrity Chef Judy Joo, located in London, Hong Kong, California. The menu has a variety of traditional and contemporary. The decor downstairs is vibrant, focusing on korean art graffiti, it sure is an eye pleaser, where you can enjoy a casual, yet capturing meal, enticed with the view of the open kitchen 🙂

I made the reservation online, after checking out the menu several times. I even knew what I wanted to eat, everything!!! If only my stomach could handle the entire menu!

Located in Kingly Street, surrounded by some amazing, fanstastic restaurants, Jinjuu is almost hidden with its black, dark like exterior. 

Upon arriving, we were taken through the bar, and downstairs, where it was pretty dark, but a nice atmosphere, not so busy which was good, with it being 1pm on a Sunday afternoon. The booths looked rather nice and spacious, unfortunately, they are for bigger groups. We were given a small table, booooooo.



Usually I like my cocktails, but I thought I’d go for something a bit different and be a bit brave too, I chose the ‘White Rice Negroni’ – Hwayo 41, Suze gentian root liqueur, vermouth & mandarin bitters. Served short on a zesty ice cube. My first sip tasted like medicine and strong as hell!!!! Cursing myself like what the hell was I thinking!!! I can’t drink this, its worse than a bloody whisky!!!! The ice helped, slowly but surely did melt, only little bit though, I took little sips here and there, but no way in hell did I manage to finish it! It was like drinking poison! My bestie on the other hand was subtle with her choice, she went for the ‘Sang Sang’ – Hwayo 25, raspberries, grapefruit bitters, lime & lemongrass cordial, panda bear. Served tall, topped with Hite beer, this was sooooooo nice, and I like the zap badge on it, so cool and creative!

Now onto the real reason why we came here :p, to eat like fat people!!! We ordered: Kong Bowl – Steamed soybeans (edamame) topped with our Jinjuu chili panko mix. Sae Woo Pops – Crispy fried round prawn cakes served on sticks. Addictive creamy gochujang mayo on the side. Jinjuu’s Signature Korean Fried Chicken – Thighs with Pickled white radish on the side & paired with our signature sauces: Gochujang Red & Jinjuu Black Soy. Ya-Chae Mando (Vegetable Dumplings) – Steamed dumplings stued with vegetables, tofu & sweet potato noodles with Fragrant soy dipping sauce. 

Okay so the verdict, simply the boooommmmb, yessss all of it!!! I loved the pops, they reminded me of my cake pops, obviously much more savoury! I lurveee prawns, so this for me was lush. The vegetable dumplings, oh my woooordddd, yum yum and that presentation was so cute, little morsels presented on individual spoons, pour the dipping sauce on top and slurp straight into your mouth, so delish! I want more now…….. Edamame is edamame, it was nice, a palate cleanser. The ultimate was the Korean Fried Chicken, cooked to perfection, I loved the little teeny tiiinnny bottles of the Gochujang red and black soy, so cute! There was plenty for two people. Usually fried chicken is so greasy and oily, this wasn’t! Highly recommend for you to try it out! 10/10 for me. 

Tip for the chicken: Mix the Black Soy and Gochujang Red together for hint of a kick and subtle flavours.

We didn’t really order any large plates or dessert. Didn’t want to overeat and feel sluggish all day. But we shall go back and just have those soon! They also recommend walk-in’s. 



Jinjuu – 15 Kingly Street, London W1B 5PS 


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