Sephora Eye Sheet Masks – First Impression..

Ever since I tested out the face sheet masks I’ve been itching to try the eye sheet masks, and I finally got the chance. All you want to do after a busy day at work, is relax, chill, and rest your eyes. 

Yes drinking enough water, getting the much deserved 8 hour sleep, all that malarky helps with eyebags, but sometimes when you forget to drink 2 litres a day, and then decide to go out that same night, missing out on sleep. Eye masks really do come to the rescue! 

I used the Sephora Algae Eye Mask, again the packaging is pretty niché, when I opened the packet, the gel was everywhere, it even spilled out onto my table, so that to me, was almost waste of product! Bad bad Sephora………. and the eye patches were kind of stuck together as well…….. Leaving me a bit confused, but as I peeled them away from each other, and removed the film attached, and placed them on my eye……such joy rang in my ears and mind. The gel is so cooling, also the perfect shape for your eyebag area, fits perfectly!!!!! The gel soaks into the skin, making it feel tight…….we like the tight feeling! Felt those eyebags being sucked in and smoothed out, the Algae mask helps tone and detox, eliminating impurities that dull the eye contour, making eyes appear fresh and sparkling. Ok maybe not sparkling, but YESSS to fresh, soothing, smoothing of lines, and overall a wonderful, cooling feeling! 

I think I love the eye masks more than the face sheet masks. I obviously kept it on for longer than 15 mins, and yeah like the face masks, there was drying etc, but it didn’t stick to my skin, like the face masks did. Definitely a winner for me, and at £3.68, they are worth it! 

I will of course look for a better alternative here in the UK, hopefully the price doesn’t go up due to the Brexit! Grrrrrrrrr 



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