My Love for Sushi

Ever since I could remember I have always loved sushi. My first time trying it I think I was about 16, going on a night out and going into the O2 Centre at Finchely Road, and trying Yo Sushi! I know Yo is so mediocre and rubbish, well now it is….. Back then about 14 years ago, it was good. Upon entering it was all so new to me.

We were seated at the conveyor belt and I asked my friend, what is all that?!?!?! She said “its sushi, trust me you will love it.” The first dish I picked up was the spicy chicken roll, and I was wondering how to eat it, my friend taught me how to use chopsticks, and yeh I never quite got the hang of it, so I put a little bit of soya and wasabi on it, and ate with my hands, and of course eating the ginger last. I was quite taken aback to how easy it was to get full…… you just pick up from the belt and eat and then pay! Genius!!! I don’t regret it!

Since that day, I have been to various sushi places and had some of the most amazing food, sticks and sushi, sushisamba, me love sushi. I met up with my college friend a few weeks back, and for a while she has been telling me about Mr Sushi in Harrow, she told me several times its very good! So I said ok, lets go, I need to check it out….

Its situated on the main road, off a parade, right next to Royal China… No competition there…. its lovely inside, there is a nice water feature, the staff are ok, they need a bit of training though. The menu in comparison is huge, I mean so many food choices, from starters, to veggies, to fried, grilled, noodles, rice, sushi, chefs special and the bento boxes. As I was nicely seated, green tea was poured into my cup and miso soup was brought out. As I was not feeling so well, the combination of the both really helped. 2016-07-27-10-09-47.jpg2016-07-27-10-02-57.jpg

Never really been a fan of Miso, but oh my word, this one was so nice, soothing, packed full of flavour, the spring onion with the mixed leaves and seaweed really is a good combo. Even the beancurd was so delish, could have done with another…..

It took forever to make up my mind, everything on the menu sounded and looked absolutely gorgeous, like food gorgeous…. obviously! We opted for the spicy edamame, ebi fry – 4 pieces of prawn katsu, Futomaki Dragon Roll – 8 pieces of king prawn, cucumber with avocado inside and fish egg on top with unagi sauce, and a vegetarian bento box. My friend chose the chicken katsu bento box, and we shared the rest.

Edamame was nice, just your average, not cold but warm which was better. The ebi fry was nice and crispy, sat on a bed of salad. Not too oily, just perfect. 2016-07-27-10-03-42.jpg


2016-07-27-10-05-37.jpg2016-07-27-10-05-12.jpgThe dragon roll was nice, it was only the fish eggs that put me off, the unagi sauce gave a right balance of sweet and texture, it also came with wasabi and pickled ginger. As you are meant to eat the ginger last to cleanse your palatte. The presentation is just phenomenal, with the tail of the king prawn at the end, there are 8 pieces on the plate, making it a perfect dish to share. Maybe a lot for 2 people, but enough for larger groups.

2016-07-27-10-06-05.jpg2016-07-27-10-06-54.jpgThe veggie bento box is biggggg!!! There is a lot to eat on it, tofu, pickled salad, veggie tempura and the sticky rice with beansprouts. This is a meal in itself. Although it looks nice, its pretty blend, there was no flavour in anything, the tofu or beancurd was bland, flavourless, the veggie tempura was the same, rice was just plain ole sticky rice. The only thing I actually liked was the salad. Not something I’d reccomend for vegetarians. Waste of money as well. 

2016-07-27-10-07-29.jpgMy friend really enjoyed her chicken katsu box, she got some salmon with it as well. This box is worth getting.


Overall the food is good, price is good for the amount you get. They have a few lunchtime meal deals, but I think I’d rather stick to the A La Carte. Also I won’t be going anywhere near their bento boxes. Service is pretty slow, once you get their attention, order everything, its easier, if you need something adjusting in terms of flavour etc, just tell them, our waitress seemed a bit new so she didn’t really know what she was talking about. So we tracked down another one. Maybe a weekend is a better time to go as there are more staff. I felt our food was a bit rushed. 

I’d give it a 6/10 overall. My rating may change on my next visit. 


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