My Skincare Routine

For as long as I can remember, I have always had Acne. I have used every scrub, cream, face wash out there possible. You’d think by the time you reach mid 20’s, it would disappear……Unfortunately not, until recently…… I got sent a package during the end of July by Liz Earle, there was a lot of skincare products in there, especially for my face. It consisted of the Cleanse, tone and moisturse products: Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth cleanser with the two muslin cloths, instant boost skin tonic, the light moisturiser for combination/oily skin, eye bright soothing lotion, gentle face exfoliator, nourishing botanical body cream and the energising body scrub. I received full sized bottles of all, and handy travel size of the mini instant boost tonic, eye bright soothing lotion and face exfoliator. It was a pleasant surprise on a saturday afternoon.

Prior to receiving the products. I purchased the Clairsonic Mia 2 and the purity face wash. I started using these two products in June, and noticed a subtle change to my face. It became brighter, looked a lot healthier and my acne/spots started to disappear. I used these products twice, so morning and evening, religiously, and I still do. I love the clairsonic on my skin, it gives it a gentle soothing massaging, removing all the oils and dirt that gather during the day and night. It has 2 settings on it, I went for setting 2, a 1 minute face cleanse. I pour a tiny amount of my purity face wash onto the head of the sonic, dampen it under water, whilst my face is still dry. Put the setting on and off it does its magic. I concentrate on my forehead and t zones for 40 seconds, and 20 seconds on my cheeks. Then I rinse off, and apply day or night cream.

It did the job. Then I started using the hot cloth cleanse and polish. It has been two months since I have been using it, and my skin, I kid you not, has become thrice as better. I pump the cream onto my fingers and gently massage into my face, then using the muslin cloth, run it under hot water, wring out the excess and soothe away the cream. The muslin cloth makes it so easy, it removes the dead cells and gently exfoliates the face too. It’s not too harsh, great for sensitive skin, the added richness of cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile, and eucalyptus. The best thing I love is that its gentle on the eyes too, massaging this onto my eye lids, just wakes them up and feels so refreshed. My face can finally breathe again!!! It kills all the cells where the acne appears from, and leaves my face polished and smooth. I then spray the instant boost skin tonic onto the face, it leaves it hydrated, fresh, non-drying. I then spritz the instant boost skin tonic, smells divine, refreshes the face, its non greasy which is purfect! I love it, its a great base before applying face cream.

I use to swear by Baby Lotion before, only applying that to my face and none other. If its great for babies, its great for me right?!?! WRONG!!!! It’s great for my body but not my face haha, it left my face feeling oily and my t-zones were highly visible. I then thanks to Liz Earle, started using the Skin repair – light moisturiser. Love that its gentle on my combination skin, not too heavy or greasy. A little goes a long way. This is also a great base for makeup.

During the 2 months now, my face is a lot more healthier, brighter, and less acne looking. It has a glow, my skincare routine is a religious thing I now do every day, morning and night. I have also invested in a new night face cream. Will do a review soon, once I get a feel for it.




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