Monsieur Cronut

The most anticipated news of this year was that Mr Cronut was heading to London with his new launch!

I found out in May and was really excited. Having been to NYC, and never getting the chance to go, was kind of upsetting. The launch took place on 30th September. I thought I’d skip the rush and go at my own time and so I did.


The bakery is located in Victoria, inside its very clean, simple, chic with a modern twist. It’s very open plan, the menu is on the wall, there are 2 queues: one for cronut and the other non cronut! The pastries on show all look beautiful, beautifully handcrafted!


With such a vast menu on show, I opted for the most obvious being salted butterscotch and cocoa nibs cronut, paris-london, liquid caramel peanut butter mousse, lime me up tart and frozen s’more!

You order, the lady behind the counter gives you a table number, sit anywhere you like, and the food comes to you :), simple as!

Beautifully presented, picture perfect, the cronut was cold as the air outside! I suppose it had been sitting in the counter since 8am, and well to be honest, doesn’t quite live up to its name. I wasn’t entirely impressed, maybe it’s better eaten at 8am once they open. It wasn’t flaky, nor was it tasty enough for me to be wowed!

Paris-London – twist on the Paris Brest, made with Earl Grey mousse, lemon curd and blackberry ganache. How looks can be so decieving, I like how their menu is customised to London, earl grey being the most british tea you can possibly drink. It does work in a few desserts, however, in this i felt like it didnt. Maybe I’m being too criticful, for the price you pay its not really worth it. The texture is dry, the lemon curd is very eggy, almost tasting the egg more than the lemon, no taste of the earl grey, the blackberry ganache is nicer on its own! 2016-10-23-20-43-25.jpg

Frozen S’more was like having coco pops for brekkie, yes definitely my favourite, also its quite a big square block, so maybe worth sharing or NOT! It wasn’t too heavy either! Perfect marshmallowy centre with the chocolate wafer crips in the middle, mmmmmm.2016-10-23-16-27-10.jpg

Lime me up tart – ultimately my favourite, as I do like the most sour of desserts! Perfectly crumbly pastry, delicate lime mousse. A bit of DIY is needed to bring it to life, pour the sea salt, juniper and brown sugar mixture on top of the tart, and squeeze the fresh lime over it to create an instant caramel! Yessssssss, winner winner, it was perfect! 2016-10-23-20-41-01.jpg

Finally, Liquid Caramel Peanut Butter Mousse – Simply the BEST!!! My favourite favourite, not only does it look simply eyegasmic but it tastes like you’ve fallen into heaven! Like the Reese peanut butter stuff, as you slice into it, all the layers are seen, there is no smear effect, perfectly balanced. It’s like eating a snickers bar, sweet, salty and crunchy! I highly recommend this!!2016-10-23-20-02-02.jpg

The coffee and tea isn’t great. I’m not too sure whether I’d get a box to go. I would go back and try the savoury items on the menu.

Overall a nice cafe in london, service is top-notch, you are properly taken care of!



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