Anzu – Modern Japanese

The man behind Tonkotsu has opened up a brand new Japanese restaurant in St James Market, Haymarket.

Ok, I love Japanese cuisine, I absolutely love sushi, and this place doesn’t really give much away. After checking out their instagram and twitter accounts, I couldn’t really see much, until I saw that they are mainly known for their Teishoku – which is like a bento box, but bigger, accompanied with seasonal pickles, salad, miso soup and steamed rice..

2016-11-04-19-39-29I ordered the seafood katsu, tempura of prawn, cod and seabass. Lets begin by saying WOW it sure is one hell of a portion for lunch……. now lets be brutally honest….. the miso soup was flavourless, tasted like flour….. The steamed rice is just basic sticky rice, easy to cook and eat. Seasonal pickles were too dry. The main star of the dish the seafood katsu was plain ole BORING!!! There was no taste of anything apart from the sea, I honestly felt like I was eating fish and chips but with rice, katsu sauce and cabbage! The salad however was ok, I liked the vingery dressing in it. So disappointed with the food, the prawn was too dry and little overcooked, was so chewy, and well couldn’t even break it with the fork! Although the tempura batter was light, not oily at all, just needed seasoning. 

I’m so glad it was 50% off, because seriously I would never pay £40 per head here. If you like bland, basic, boring japanese cuisine, then try it out. But in my opinion London has a lot more broader, better tasting Japanese places to get your tummy on fire! 

2016-11-04-19-38-17.jpgRed William Pear and Lavendar Bellini, yummmmmmy!! Possibly the best thing on their menu to be honest! The champagne taste is so subtle, and its not dry like most bellinis, its very light, the pear mixed in with lavender is purrrrfect!

Moving on to dessert, so this is suppose to be their best seller, what they are known for… Shu Creamu, it looks so amazing in person, when its brought to you on the table, its like a little devonshire bun, filled with lashings of custard..mmmmmmm I absolutely love custard. 2016-11-04-14-13-14.jpgShe’s like picture pefect right…………well again she was the most disgusting thing as well! I don’t know what it was, but all I could taste in the custard was EGG!!! As I went to cut it in half as I was sharing with my friend, the sound of the crunch seemed delish, and actually smelt refreshing too….but….the….egg….!!!….. I couldn’t really taste anything else, I think it’s meant to be like a caramel/praline custard. The bready outer layer was nice though. Little pacman dessert. Try if you dare……..

Overall service was ok, I mean lets be honest, it was a soft launch, there were errors, the first waitress who took our order never mentioned that the Anzu Takikomi rice had bits of chicken in it, we both ordered the same rice. My friend was a vegetarian for the day. Another lady then came over and explained to us what it was and contained, so we changed to steamed rice. The first waitress also forgot my drinks order. There are teething problems, that’s why these soft launches help them get to grips with real service. 

Food wise HELL NO, not impressed one bit. The place has nice high ceilings, my friend then pointed out it very similar to All Bar One, and I was thinking “why does this look so familiar”, I am so glad she said it! 

Restaurant atomosphere: 5/10

Service: 5/10

Food: 1/10 (I’d give it a 0, but the salad was good)

Drinks: 6/10

50% off Food Soft launch is currently on till Wednesday 9th November: Anzu 1 Norris Street, St James Market, SW1Y 4RJ. Reserving a table is highly recommended. 


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