Indian Street Food

I recently travelled to India in September. I love going back to the motherland. The last time was about 6 years back. Its all changed, one thing I love, is seeing my family and spending time with them. Oh…and the food!…I ate so much out there but what stood out the most for me was the “Dabeli” or a “double roti”, its like a burger as per say. A white fluffy bun sliced in half, filled with onions, sev, pomegrante, corinader, mixed spices and the famous mandvi vara chaat masala. Just way tooo delish! 


They operate out of a “Rekri” which is a food stall on wheels! They make and prepare everything in their shop kitchen, then take their carts out. They have loads, thats how popular they are! But to get it fresh, always go to their shop stand! 

They make it mild or spicy. I went for spicy of course! The coconut chutney with the ambli (tamarind chutney) goes so well together! 


The bread buns are toasted just a little bit, no butter, left plain, then the topping is piled on top! 

They can be found in Bhuj, near the bus station on Station Road, called Mandvi Dabeli Vala!


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