2016 in Review

Well the year has ended and what can I say, I travelled lots, tried new business innovations, and welcomed my nephew. Has it been a great year? Well lets see…..

January 2016 – My nephew came into the world – Best memory of 2016! 

February 2016 – My first skydive, ticked off the bucket list.

March 2016 – Got made redundant! Not so good!

April 2016 – Came up with new recipes – the job hunt began again……Oh and I went to NYC!!! I want to move there!!!!….(well maybe not now that Trump is president!!!)

May 2016 – Started working for a care home, yep I know……..way out of my depth in that one!

June 2016 – Nothing interesting happened! Getting through life….

July 2016 – Tackled my first wedding cakes, and so many people decided to get married (hah)

August 2016 – Job hunting, and started working on my Shopify Store.

September 2016 – I went to India after 6 years, spent time with my family and ate loads of yummy food!

October 2016 – The last of wedding orders, and well the dreadful job hunt again……was getting so sick and tired of it by now…..

November 2016 – Decided to close down the shopify store, waste of time and money in all honesty! Oh and started a new job, back in editorial again 🙂 Happy days!

December 2016 – Went on my first work trip to Liverpool, saw the magazine come to life with my name on the front page 🙂 Decided to close down my facebook page (kinda shite for small business, has no engagement, Instagram is better) Decided to stop all orders as well, just won’t have the time for it in 2017! Set new goals for 2017, to travel more….. 

It’s been an interesting year. Next year, I will dedicate more time to blogging 🙂

Cheers! Have a good’un, and see ya next year! 




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