Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger

It has been absolutely ages since I wrote something remotely interesting. On Monday I finally made it to Chicken Shop & DirtyBurger! After talking about it to everyone and recommending, I finally made it! Was it worth the wait? Wait and see……There are loads of branches around, the closest one to me is St Johns Wood, and now they’re opening a new branch in Ealing, which is even more closer 🙂

The concept is pretty straight forward, chicken and sides. With dirtyburger, its beef, chicken and veggie burgers. They are well known for their deep filled apple pies, people just flock there for that!

I went with my other half’s cousin, he’s a foodie and a carnivore like myself :p, upon entering the place, it’s nice and spacious, staff are really friendly too.

It’s all on how hungry you are, choice of quarter, half or whole chicken! Simples! Love the table sauces, choose from smokey or hot! 2017-02-07-08-52-12.jpg

Got a side of chunky crinckled chips. The chicken was so moist, probably the most moistest chicken I have had in a long time! Beats nandos by far, 11/10! Juicest, moistest, so much flavour and oh fell right off the bone! The sauces are equally just as good too. The lemon adds a little hint of tanginess.


As I was feeling rather more peckish I ordered the dirty cop out burger which is for the veggies! Ahhhh what a mistake that was!! It had fake bacon in it and it tasted disgustingly salty, worse than actual bacon itself. Hard, stiff and yuck yuck! Veggies out there, STAY WELL AWAY!!!


I got a milkshake, it was a bit meh, but let me tell you something, the deep filled apple pie hit the spot!!! Served with ice cream, large apple chunks dosed in cinnamon and the yummy butter sauce, pure heaven! This I did not share! Perfect end to my experience at the Chicken Shop.


Highly recommend this place to everyone! Bargain too, cheaper than nandos haha!


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