Epic Cakes of 2017

Most of you know I make cakes, and I make some pretty awesome cakes. My challenge for Janaury was to make my nephew’s 1st birthday cake. I was so ready for it!!

My sister in law sent me a picture of what the kind of cake she had in mind. She said please put your own spin on it, and that is exactly what I had intended on! 

The picture was of a three tier fondant cake, with a giraffe on top with a party hat, hugging a number 1 cake topper. It was very bright and colourful! She wanted blue for him, different shades, but still wanted it to have colour. For the sponge, it was a vanilla madeira with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream.

I did two massive tiers, the first bottom tier was a 10 inch as she wanted it to feed 25 people. The top tier was a 7 inch, small. 4 layers of cake, with 3 layers of buttercream! 

It took me exactly two days to make this grand of a gesture cake! My nephew loved it, he loved it so much, that he tried to take Sophie off the cake and put her in his mouth! My brother and sister in law were both shocked to see the cake I made for my nephew, they were in awe of all the detail! It was definitely a mammoth and weighed a tonne! My best work by far!

16252071_10158313185250657_3432789964163270874_o.jpgEvery thing from the tiny balls to the number topper to the name is all handmade from Fondant. Sophie took me a whole day to make using fondant and florist paste. She is not edible, but she can be kept for years to come as memory 🙂 which they did 🙂

I loved making it, and since then I have been doing more modelling cakes. My skills got a whole lot more better when I started doing this cake in January.

After that, I did another 1st birthday cake, but this time for a beautiful little girl. Her cake was very much flower power with a cute furball of a teddy. 

16463241_10158396157465657_5913531289260022070_o.jpgThis flower power cake took me one whole day to make. The sponge I made the night before. All the flowers, bow and name tag were made on one day. The furball teddybear was made a week in advance as it needed setting/drying time. This was a 2 layer vanilla eggless cake with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam! 

Mya’s mother loved the cake! It’s so pretty, perfect for a little girl! 


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