Balthazar London

Lets be honest…….There are some fantastic places to eat in London……..London is probably the biggest city in the world for it’s diversity cuisines! NYC maybe coming next in line…..

A few of my friends and ex work colleagues kept going on at me to visit Balthazar, I mean its gorgrous inside. I have seen loads of breakfast and food pics, even read some great reviews from a collective of food bloggers. And lets not forget instagram, the happening of social media! I mean no matter where you look or search for, there is absolutely everything on there!

I ventured in on Monday with a friend. As you walk in, the hostess guides you to your table and presents the menus. I noticed that a few of the waiters and waitresses had a slight french accent. The interior is stunning, high ceilings, plush red sofa seats, almost like a gentlemens colonial feel. Majority of the lunchers were business men and women, I didn’t really see anyone physically eating, only merely drinking wine. The raw bar was just on the side to me. 

Two menus were presented in front of me, lunch and drinks. The drinks menu is huge, loads of different types of wines from white, rose, red, sparkling. But I didn’t really see any soft drinks or juices…….. I wouldn’t have minded a glass of wine, but A it was a Monday afternoon and B, I still had the rest of the week to get through. Drinking before Wednesday is forbidden (haha!) 


I opted for a glass of orange juice. The lunch menu is vast. It was hard for me to figure out what to go for. I then saw the Octopus, so I love the octs, and I have had them at a few places now and although its been good, not the best if you know what I mean! So I had to try it here….obviously!…..

Octopus, Tomato & Basil Salad with shallots, olives and a lemon dressing…
IMAG0263.jpgIt looked better in real life, this picture does not do it justice! The lighting isn’t the best in there, almost has a gradient of yellow behind it! Beautifully plated, wouldn’t you say? I love coriander, as I went in for my first bite, the aroma of the lemon hit my nose, it was scrumptiously delicious, the first bite I mean! The octopus was cooked to perfection, it wasn’t chewy nor fishy. The lemon juice and tomatos toned it down. Trying to savour each mouthful, that’s how good it was. After I was done, I really did want another and for the price of £9.00, hands down was worth it! The orange juice, however, wasn’t! Talk about sour! Fresh as it may be, I was so tempted to put a sugar cube in there! 

The service was good, I ordered a side of Pommes Frites too, why I don’t know, maybe cause I love potatoes, hah! Nonetheless, they were seasoned nicely and came with a side of ketchup and mayo! 



I liked it, I want to go back for breakfast (if I can wake up on time) and dinner ! Dessert menu was presented to me, although it looked impressive, I had my heart set on something else 🙂

Overall price wise is relatively decent, of course it depends on what you choose. For lunch I paid just over £17 for three things. Which is not bad at all! I wouldn’t neccessarily say this is the friendliest of vegetarian places, as my friend did struggle, very little choices on the menu. 

However, a must visit if you are in Covent garden, nice friendly service, not pretentious at all, and interior is stunning! 


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