Dupes for GlamGlow

I first started using Supermud clearing treatment about 2 years ago. It did wonders for my pores, but the tingly sensation got to me a bit, it did sting on the first two occasions, although I did get use to it. But the price for such a small jar of 34g is insane!

I ordered mine off Look Fantastic, arrived within two days. The packaging is beautiful, although its a rather bulky box for such a small jar, waste of trees I say! Its very grey in colour. The jar states: “This Super Mud Clearing Treatment from Glamglow is an innovative facial treatment mask that works to tighten skin texture and pores whilst fighting common skin problems such as blemishes, breakouts and even ingrown hair. Suitable for both men and women, this facial mask absorbs impurities without affecting the skin’s natural oils, giving you a youthful appearance.

Perfect for use as a full facial mask or as a one spot solution for blemished areas, Very Gorgeous Super Mud Clearing Treatment is developed by dermatology chemists to address common skin concerns by activating collagen synthesis resulting in radiant, soft skin”.

I did my research before I went and spent stupid amount of money. I tried it as a face mask first, not going to lie, it was a bit strong, I applied it with an old foundation brush, even layer it says! Kept it on my face for 25 minutes, the tingly sensation felt like burning. It turned into this rock hard mask, clearing showing my pores on the darker areas. Washed it away with luke warm water and patted my face dry. Looking up close into the mirror, I did notice my pores looked smaller, my spots had also gone back into the skin, also new spots had dried out and did shrink away within a few days. I was relatively impressed. I then used it as a spot treatment, as its fairly pricey for a whole face mask. After a few good uses, the tingly sensation got better, my face didn’t even burn. My spots healed and my face looked brighter and the pores were reduced.

I didn’t repurchase, the jar lasted me a whole year! So I did get my monies worth!


Last year I was at The Body Shop and came across a similar mask to the supermud….. It’s called the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. What’s so good about this particular mask, its Vegan! Does exactly the same as the supermud, absorbs excess oil, gets rid of spots and blemishes, unclogs and reduces pores, gets rid of those nifty blackheads, has the mild tingly sensation, exfoliates, and leaves the skin looking fresh and baby soft. The best thing about this formula, there are no parabens, parrafins, silicone or mineral oil. Oh did I mention its only £16!! This I use as a face mask. RESULT! I am very much impressed with this mask. I use it twice a week, and it does wonders to my skin. It’s soothing, not too harsh, superperfect! 

imag0287 (1).jpgimag0297 (1)

imag0302 (1).jpg

It is totally up to you which one you decide to purchase, GlamGlow have now opened up in London and they have up’ed their game when it comes to Supermud, introducing a 50g jar for the same price of £39. The Body Shop sell a 75ml jar for £16.00, which is more than half the price of the supermud!


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