Gimme some Bird!

Bird has many great reviews, all their branches are Halal certified, and the best thing…. its chicks only :)! They are well known for their chicken and waffles…..but they do some pretty ahmayzing wings too….

The first time I ventured in was with my school friend whom lives in Islington, she kept raving about the place, it didn’t take me much convincing either, as I had heard great things. It was a Wednesday evening, so you can imagine the crowd. Majority were the work crowd looking for a easy quick fix, no cooking at home kinda thing! It was packed to say the least! 

My friend’s bf did the ordering as he knew what was better to get. Got the Large Skillet – Two drums, two thighs & four wings, additional wings and the most famous Buffalo sauce. Got a side of Cheesy Korean Fries, enough food for three I reckon. The service we received was terrible, god forbid they did anything to our food. We were served last, others before us had their meals before we did. On top of that the lady who cleaned our table was the rudest, moodiest person I had met, she then went off and bitched about us to our waitress. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spat in our food. An hour later, after complaining on numerous occasions, the food arrived. Not going to lie, it was good, but as the service was appalling, I didn’t rate the food as much! Didn’t leave an everlasting impression on me! Anyway my mate sent an email to the manager….the outcome was they both received free meals on their next visit. 


I then ventured in for a second time with a friend after having visited DAB. This time it was a Sunday, nice and quiet, efficient service. Got a large booth area, were able to enjoy the time we had there, ordered in peace and the food arrived on time. I ordered a Black Cherry Float, Buffalo Wings and Fries. My friend chose the Chilli Nacho burger which was the special. This time round, the wings were juicy, succulent, fell off the bone so easily, the buffalo sauce was finger lickin’good! The best thing on their menu, and I got extra for no charge! Winner winner chicken dinner! The fries are a bit meh! My friend enjoyed her burger too, had the right amount of spice, and the chicken was cooked nicely. Her plate was polished off! The black cherry float was heavenly, like a milkshake but lighter if that makes sense. 


My second visit I thoroughly enjoyed and would happily return back. I think next time round I will try the chicken and waffle combo 🙂

Bird has many branches around London. The menu is the same, although the specials do vary! They do Wing Wednesday – 12 wings and house beer for £10, at every Bird Restaurant. Nows thats a bargain! 


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