What to Order at Indian Restaurants?!

After my last post about Tandoor Chop House it was only fitting that I add some of the Indian places I have been to, what to order and what to miss! 

Being a guji hindu, I eat at plenty of Indian places, and restaurant food is completely different to home cooked food. At home I will eat Shak (curry), Rotli (chappati), Rice, Daal, Salad, and sometimes have Khichdi (indian kedgeree) We even do kachhumber, as you know it with cucumber, tomatoes and red onions! I’d say on a weekly basis, I will have this meal three times. Not the same obviously, many different varities. It is filling, depending on how many rotlis I eat. At home I eat veggie food, outside of the zone, I will eat errrrything! My mum is a veggie and forbids all meat substances in her house, which is fine by me! Gives me time to explore out isn’t it 🙂 win win situation! The below are some of my favourites, the others sadly enough didn’t make the cut!

Regency: I use to come here back in the days with my family, and back then I was an undercover carnivore, till one day we all came clean and spoke out haha. My first experience here wasn’t great. The second one was! I tried the chicken wings and till this very day, I think they are the best (according to me, my own opinion) For approx £7.95 you get 7 wings, marinated in a secret spice. The flavours are good, the meat falls off the bone ever so easily, no cutlery needed! There is mild spice, which is what I prefer, anything hotter and they wouldn’t be the same! So if like me, you love the wings, try this place out! The lamb cutlets are also my favourite, juicy, tender, moist, full of flavoursome spice, so moreish they do down well with your pint! I’d stay away from the Lamb Chops though, the driest, most hardest thing to chew and swallow. The quality is 0/10 for them! For veggies, the food is nice, they also have a burger menu which is good!

Benares: I’d say this is a dining experience, with it being a 1 michelin star. Be prepared to fork out the dosh! If you are a fan of Dal Makni, then this is the place to be at!!! In my opinion, I haven’t had any better! Creamy, full of spiced aromas, the naan soaked up the dal easily, not drenching the naan. Had like a soft texture and a good dab of the aromatic spices too, the garlic and ginger really paid off! Not bad for £9.00, especially as it brought back memories from India! They cater very well for veggies and take note of special requirements. For meat lovers, yes, the trio of chicken went down nicely and so did the fancy paneer with pipettes.

Everest Lounge: I love love this place, probably the best in terms of everything for me. The veggie food here is uh-may-zing. I love their Veg Manchurian, saucy, nice amount of gravy, has a little kick and the right amount of spice. You can order food less spicy, according to your preference. I lurve the chicken chatpatta (lolly pop), moreish, yummy, it is very spicy, you can feel the chilli heat in the back of your throat, but not so much that your stomach will burn! But hot enough, you may be in the toilet the next day haha! Also the crispy bhindi is a must order, overflowing bowl of okra fries, sprinkled with black salt and chilli. Black salt cleans your stomach :), but also prepares you for your starters. A must order is also the Everest Special Fish, cooked to perfection, flakes off nicely, melts in your mouth and very juicy. Garlic notes are very evident, a little sprinkle of lemon goes a long way. It doesn’t have a fishy taste either, which is what I love about it! Stay away from the Potato 65, stuffed mushrooms, apart from the two, everything on their menu is pretty appetising and yummy!

Aroma Lounge: This place is situated on a tight residential road in North Wembley. The inside looks like a bog standard place. Tables and cha1irs with no attention to décor. The only good thing on their menu I’d say are the Tandoor King Prawns! They are massive, packed full of flavour and the charred outer layer is what makes it! Make sure you go light handed with the lemon though, you don’t want to flush away the spiciness. Please do not order anything else from the menu! Haha, its not worth it, but the prawns are!

Tayyabs: They do not take reservations, there is usually a queue outside. Its also BYOB, they provide the food, you bring the booze! I have only had the Lamb Chops here, and they are nice. However, like Tandoor Chop House, they cater for the mass production of London. Do tell them you’d like them with a kick, only then will it actually be worth the trip!

Purple Flame: It’s quite a small, cramped place. Sometimes you are waiting ages for a table, so maybe best to book in advance. Regardless of the service, the food is actually really good. Both veggie and meat! The last time I went properly was in 2015 just after Christmas! I got to try everything, pretty much the whole menu you could say. The jeera chicken was my least favourite – far too salty and way too over-powering with the Jeera. My favourite was actually the fish and prawns, I’m more of a seafood kinda girl (you can probably tell :p) Lamb dry fry was quite nice too, definitely need naan with it! Wash it down with a beer. I feel like Chilli Paneer is the same everywhere you go, I’ve not really found anywhere that is exceptional, I tend to stay away from it!

Venue 5: I’ve come to this place so many times, that their menu is so boring to me now! The only thing which is good is the Amritsari fish, its like a fish tikka, really nice, no fishy taste. I find their chicken tikka really dry, the worst lamb chops – simply overcooked all the time! Their shish kebab is nice, you can’t really go wrong with that. Veg manchurian is really good too. Apart from that, not much really stands out for me!

Kenton Lane Cafe: Possibly the best place for an Indian brekkie!! Their masala chips are simply yummy, too good with the masala omelette. Be careful though, they serve some proper large portions of food, definitely getting your monies worth here! They also make proper indian masala chai, only the best kind which you should try! Great place to come after a heavy night of drinking, your hangover will be gone within an hour of the food! I’d say try everything….I’m already craving…


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