Glow From Within!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good highlight on my face! It was so big last year with powders and all sorts and this year, its become even bigger with this whole unicorn malarkey stuff!

I’d seen these cover fx halo custom enhancer drops all over Insta and YouTube, read all the reviews and didn’t really know what to make of it…..Until I got my hands on it! Its frosty white in colour with iridescent sheen of purple and blue. Depending on the light, all three tones are seen. It’s very holographic which is on trend at the moment.

I’m very much into warm tones, but this new Halo has got me spinnin’! I have used it on my inner corners as a pop of highlight, and I kid you not, I got comments like I can see your glow from far! It dries very quickly, which in a way is good, so you can build it up, but rather than packing the colour on, best to dab gently, otherwise it will move. Hurry though, Halo is a limited edition! I used it on my cheeks and my bf was like, what is that? You look different? I loved it!!! Not so sure he did though, hah!

I bought moonlight and rose gold with my own monies. They are £34 each. I first used moonlight (shimmery bronze) with my face moisturiser, its creamy, lightweight, blends very nicely with all types of moisturisers and foundations. Gives an all over tan look, subtle though! Not too in your face, almost like a natural glow from within 🙂 which is what I’m all about. I also used it on my cheekbones and as a brow highlight, stayed on all day! I use a beauty blender to apply as it doesn’t leave any streaks or harsh lines! I also used moonlight with my body moisturiser to give me a sun kissed tan look. I loved it!

Rose gold I have used, its warm toned with pearlescent pink bronze, mixed in with my TooFaced Hangover primer, and yasssss, it made my face look all summery and gave it a fresh feeling. Like the pink base primers, but a lot more healthier looking.

I want to try them as eyeshadows, although I’m not too sure about the creasing….. (If anyone has tried it, please let me know how you got on)

I love these liquid highlighters, they are so versatile and a very innovative product. They last all day, but you must set your face! I wore moonlight for approximately 15 hours, with all the sweating from dancing etc, it still stayed on!

A tiny drop goes a long way. With the price point being expensive, it may put a few of you off, but the amount of product you get and the long adversity of it, is definitely worth the tag! Best product of this year I reckon!

Try it for youself! 


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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh wow! I haven’t seen these around before. But they sound amazing! Just from what I’ve read on your post, I’d say give it a shot using it as an eyeshadow! You never know, it could turn out awesome! You’ll have to do a post if you do 😉

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    1. Check them out, they are awesome, tad pricey, but worth it as they will last you a heck of a long time 🙂 Will try as an eyeshadow and post it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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