Breakfast for Queens!

I’ve been to Dishoom on quite a few occasions and I simply do not care for it anymore! The food is over hyped and oh did I mention pricey?!?! The plates are sort of small, they claim it as “Indian Streetfood” to what you would find on the Beaches of Juhu in Mumbai.

For someone who is Indian and has been to Juhu Beach, Mumbai, its a complete different story! The food is actually 10 times better and cheaper out there as compared to Dishoom… Anyways….

I ventured in for Breakfast, as quite frankly, their lunch and dinner menu is quite boring! I ordered the house chai and The Big Bombay. It consists of Akuri which is an iranian staple, spicy scrambled eggs piled up with two paus (buttered buns). Char-striped smokey streaky bacon, peppery shropshire sausage, masala baked beans, grilled field mushrooms and grilled tomato.

My plate was super large and filled with yumminess. Don’t get me wrong as much I dislike their lunch, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED their breakfast. The akuri with the smokey bacon was so good, mouth watering! The masala beans on the pau was yummy too and everything paired together was a dream heaven! 

The house chai tbh isn’t chai at all! It was far too milky, almost like a latte but worse!! I’d highly recommend the breakfast menu though, and I actually want to go back for another big plate! 

You don’t need to book a table if its the two of you, but if it’s four, then please do! You don’t want to get turned away and miss out on this plate of yummyness! 

And yes it really is a plate for a Queen 🙂



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