Yosma London

Ever since this place opened, I’d been meaning to go. I was invited to the soft launch but unfortunately on that particular day, unable to make it, and yes was so gutted!!! But two weeks, I had taken a day off to go see Aladdin with my fiancé and it made sense to be out for dinner in central. 

I had downloaded the menu on my phone so I kind of knew what I wanted, to say I wanted to eat the whole menu would be an understatement. Previously to Yosma, it use to be a healthy eating Indian restaurant, not surprised they had to close it down, everytime I walked past, looked dead as gold! 

Yosma is turkish, Mangal and Raki, so expect lots of different ingredients and flavours in their foods. The inside interior is modern, chic and contemporary. The staff are really lovely, always ask them for suggestions! 

Raki – Turkey’s national aperitif – plays an important part on the drinks list and features on the cocktail menu created by drinks consultant Matt “Talented Mr Fox” Whiley.

The cockail menu is a haven for any drinker, and let me tell you, ditch the wine!!! Explore more of the cocktails, I got the STRAWBERRY CAIPIROSKA – Strawberry Vodka, Lime, Sugar, so refreshing, and actually tasted like a real strawberry!! My mate got the MARACUJA – Cachaca, Passion Fruit, Lime, Demerara, this was so delish, not too sour, the demarara sugar brought out the flavour of the passion fruit, definitely something you have to try! YOSMA G&T – London Gin, Home-made Strawberry Tonic, this was by far the best!!! Refreshingly good, tasted like candy floss, strong though, but it does get washed out within the sweetness of the homemade tonic. Beware though, the sips you take at the end will be equally just as sweet and very strong! Pisco sour wasn’t great to be honest, wayy too strong for my palatte, the egg white puts me off as well! If you are a wine drinker, then opt for red! 




For starters we ordered flat bread, hummus, and King Prawns – Karides, marinated in dill, fennel and za’tar. I kid you not, probably the best prawns I have had in a very long time, so juicy, the fennel salad is a must eat with them, nicely charred to perfection, you get that charcoal taste in the back of your throat, and the dill scent. So so good!! The boys enjoyed the flat bread and hummus. Hummus was so smooth! 



For mains, we each got our down dishes, I chose the Tavuk – a clay oven dish with Corn-fed chicken breast, charred corn, green pepper, tahini sauce. My fiance as he is a vegetarian got the Halloumi with Courgette, garlic, lemon, olives. My mate got the Köfte – Lamb shoulder köfte, steamed potato, muhammara sauce and the other mate the Kuzu Kaburga with Courgette, hazelnut, lemon yogurt, chilli ezme. Everything was ah-may-zing!! We thought it might not be enough food, but oh boy, each dish was packed full of richness and the presentation was on point!!! We didn’t require a nandos after the meal thats for sure! The lamb breast was medium and wow!! The best I am telling you!! Although most turkish places cater to vegetarians, I have to be honest and say Yosma does not!!! There aren’t many dishes on the menu to try! Next time round, I wouldn’t bring a veggie here! But the cocktails are bomb!!! #OnPoint!


I’d love to go back and try more cocktails and food too, but specially the karides, my mouth is watering just looking at the picture. It is pricey, but its definitely worth it. We didn’t order dessert, but next time I will have to try whats good. 

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