Haz Restaurant

Two months ago, I met up with my uni friend and explored London. Our plan was to go to the Carnaby food fest, which we did go to, had a few cupcakes, bought some makeup and left! It was soo busy, unbeliveably busy for a free event, had to get out of there and central quick!!! So made our way to St Pauls….. The nicer side of the city!….

We were quite hungry so stopped over at Haz Restaurant, it’s halal, family and children friendly and right near the station. It was a hot day, and surprisingly the restaurant was empty!! Picked a table outside and chilled. Have to admit, the service is appalling here, considering they were empty, they did not pay any attention to whether we wanted to order or were even thirsty. 

For starters I got the Mediterranean Octopus served with green olives and lemon and paprika. Presentation was on point, definitely worthy of Instagram. Flavours however did not go well together. The paprika overpowered the dish and the octopus was tough and chewy. 


For mains I got the Tavuk Shish: Cubes of marinated chicken breast served with a cucumber and yogurt sauce. The right size portion for one person. Chicken was moist, juicy, tender and I loved the charry taste. The pepper and lemon actually made the whole dish. Yogurt tasted nice with the chicken. A few more of the peppers, then it would have been perfect. IMG_20170603_152236_374-01

Cocktails are ok, nothing wow to be honest. I went for something different and tried the Ruby: Lemon Vodka, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice and Rosemary Syrup. Tasted strange even though it looks nice, not something I’d get again. Screenshot_20170608-201326-01

Honest opinion: nice food, terrible service, far too pricey for what it really is. Not a place I’d come back to!


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