Honey & Smoke

Honey & Smoke is the new sister restaurant from Honey & Co: “food from the middle east.”  They serve a variety of food from Mezze, salads, tahini (obviously), cocktails, wine and yummy desserts! This lovely place is located in Great Portland Street.

Lovely, minimalist interior, modern contemporary decor. Great place for vegans and vegetarian, as we were a large group, we went for one of the Honey and Smoke Set Menus

The mezzes which arrived were incredible, not filling at all, a range of vegan, vegetables, and fish. For mains I got the charred octopus, corn and potato salad with smoked paprika, this was sexy af! I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Octs, at some restaurants its so good, and at the rest its so bad! But nonetheless I will always love the slippery creatures! This was cooked to perfection! The corn and potato salad literally made the dish, an abundance of bold flavours and vibrant colours, ideal for summer!


The pomegranate bellini was dry af! This was my least favourite, couldn’t even taste the pomegranate, it was pointless in my opinion. For dessert, I went for the Turkish Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce, marshmallow and toasted hazelnut crumble. Now let me tell you, I hate coffee, I mean the smell and taste makes me nauseous. But I thought Turkish coffee might be different and it was!! So smooth, delish and fragrant, there wasn’t that harsh smell at all! The chocolate sauce and the toasted hazelnut crumb was my fave!!! Definitely recommend this, even if you hate coffee like myself. 


Overall a nice place, my rating 6/10, price wise its a tad expensive, but then we were a large group. Cocktails can be better, maybe in the far future, might look into going back, but for now, nah tah! 



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