Señor Ceviche

I have been meaning to venture into Señor Ceviche for a very long time, they have recently opened up a new branch on Charlotte Street, which looks stunning. The interior is completely different to the Carnaby location.

I was on my own which gave me the option to try what I wanted. Señor Ceviche is all about sharing, so better to go in groups of 4 or more. Their menu is not overly complicated, 3 to 4 dishes per section. Their best sellers: Señor Ceviche – Sea bass and octopus ceviche with aji amarillo tiger’s milk, sweet potato purée, avocado, coriander, red onion & crispy baby squid. Coliflor Quemado – Burnt cauliflower with aji limo & piquillo pepper salsa and sesame soured cream. Flat Iron Y Nikkei Uchucuta -Papaya marinated flat iron steak with pickled shiitake mushroom & uchucuta sauce and Repollo a la Parrilla – Charred hispi cabbage with burnt butter, garlic miso & roasted pecans. 

First things first, cocktails, they have their signatures and classics. I went for a more classic Melocolada – 1615 Pisco, Malibu, Peach Juice and Coconut Milk – not for the faint hearted. It was mighty strong!!! If you love Malibu, then this is your best friend, I did enjoy it. The ice diluted it though, nonetheless, it was a taste of paradise on a miserable rainy Friday! 


For starters and mains, I ordered practically from what I mentioned apart from the flat steak, instead, I opted for Super Pollo – Marinated & grilled corn fed chicken leg with rocotto salsa.

Now firstly, the ceviche was banging!!! That for me was the highlight of my lunch, it was limey, sour, pinch and punch in the mouth, but most of all that fish was cooked to perfection!!! Oh and that tigers milk, woooooooow, not going to lie, I literally slurped it with my spoon! WOW WOW WOW like fireworks in my mouth! 


The Coliflor Quemado was also very nice, the piquillo salsa and the soured cream was too good, like little burst of flavours, not too overpowering, and the burnt cauliflower was delicate, soft, and juicy. It kept me going back for more.


The chicken was good, I liked the charred bits more, it was again soft, but moist too. Not too big of a portion, perfect for one or sharing. The salsa it came with was moreish, I always find the chicken leg is probably the best, just because it has bags of flavour! Definitely, recommend this for the chick connoisseur.


Lastly, for the sides, I also got the Patatas Fritas – Sweet Potato Fries with aji rocotto mayo. Let’s be honest and say no one in their right mind can mess up fries!!!


However, my least favourite was the Repollo a la Parrilla – the cabbage kimchi thing, it was hideous!!! When I say hideous, I mean it was not to my tasting! It was far too sweet and I know it has pine nuts in it, but that really killed it for me! There were no other flavours apart from the sweetness. They state that it has garlic miso, but where… there was no taste of it!! It was just too boring for my liking! 


The service was on point, I made sure I got there for the lunch hour rush, just to get a feel as to what it would be like. When I got there, it wasn’t so busy, approximately 1:30 pm it started to get busy and large groups were arriving. I had a nice quiet table at the back where I could observe the kitchen and the rush of what was going on. It’s quite intriguing, lunching or dining on your own, not many are able to do it. But I like it, not only is it “me time” but I can just switch off and take in the atmosphere.

Let’s talk about dessert, there are only two options, which is the best thing!! Choose from Dulce de Leche or Tarta de Queso. I opted of course for the Tarta which is a Passion Fruit and White Chocolate Cheesecake with Chicha Morada Syrup. It’s picture perfect with a little edible flower for decoration. Trying to do an Instagram boomerang just didn’t work with this as it was rock hard at first!! I liked that there was a thick layer of the cheesecake filling and less of the oaty biscuit layer, that is a plus in my book! It melted in my mouth, the passion fruit with the zesty notes of lime was delish! It was heavenly, to say the least! The syrup was nice, it actually worked really well with the lime zest. Definitely, a portion for two though, even though I managed to wipe the bowl clean! I could do with another!


Now let’s talk numbers…. Señor Ceviche is expensive, I am no way going to sugar coat that. The only sugar coating I do is on a doughnut and nothing less! A one person meal with 6 plates and 1 cocktail will set you back £50pp. As these dishes are more for sharing, I highly recommend bringing someone or a group with you, easier to split the cost that way! 

Would I go back again, hell freeking yes!!!! The Charlotte Street location has a different menu, one which I am very looking forward to trying! 


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