My Holy Grail Skincare Items

I did a post on Liz Earle Skincare Items which I was using for about 6 months. It then didn’t really do much for my skin, in fact after continuous use, I noticed breakouts, it cleansed my skin really nice with the hot polish cloth but didn’t help with breakouts.

Since then I have switched up my routine, I now use a bunch of products which have helped me tremendously, my face looks new and more revived, like the life has been brought back in, and no more acne!!!! Hooooorraaaayyy!!!

My holy grail facial acid, hands down is Alpha H Liquid Gold. With 5% glycolic acid, it makes my skin tingle when I apply during the evening. I can feel it working its magic overnight and wake up with baby like plumped up skin. I don’t like to say my skin was damaged, but it definitely wasn’t protected with SPF when it should have been, I had bad acne, and the texture was uneven. I have been using liquid gold for a year now, my skin is more balanced, less acne, the surface looks better than ever before, and I am so happy cause it’s always glowing and looking healthy!! I use it on its own as a toner and exfoliant. I will never use anything ever again, this has worked miracles for me! I purchased a 100ml bottle, 12 months later I still have 3/4 left. Just a few drops on a cotton pad is needed. I don’t apply moisturiser after as I feel it defeats the purpose! On the days I don’t use Liquid Gold, my face is plumped, hydrated and super smooth. 11/10 for this product, it is my little miracle! 

My holy grail moisturiser, hands down has to be the none other Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Expensive AF, but oh my gawd, its thick, creamy, luxurious and glides onto the skin. I give myself a facial massage with my hands when I use this. My face looked so dull and dead, now it looks full of life! There is shine in the right areas, feels supple and stays hydrated all day long. My makeup also sits beautifully now, and the instant glow from within comes out naturally! I have used and tried so many moisturisers from the Water Gel by L’oreal to the L’Occitane Precious Cream and the Vitamin Enriched Face Base by Bobbi Brown. I even used baby lotion for a very long long time, only up until 3 years ago I stopped, as it wasn’t doing much for my skin, hah! I did like the Bobbi Brown cream but the orange, the citrus scent was a miss for me. Helped me during winter, but didn’t really do anything for my skin. I have normal/combination skin, I actually used CT during the summer months and my face loved me more for it, and the fact it has SPF is even more of a winner! The tub is large and only a tiny bit is needed. Just love it and the scent is divine! 

My holy grail eye cream is also of course by CT (this post isn’t sponsored by them, hah!) I have read a lot of reviews for the Origins GinZing, and the price point is also a lot less cheaper than CT, but I just had to go with my gut. And yes I’m so glad I did! It is a light pinkish salmon in colour, again a little bit is needed. I rub a tiny amount between my ring fingers and glide under my eyes, following the contours and eye bags! I then tap to lock the product in. Giving myself an eye massage every night. I have been using it since August and I have already noticed a change, my fine lines and dark circles are disappearing and my under eyes are so much hydrated. I also use it in the mornings, and my concealer sits perfectly on it. There are no longer any dry patches, and gives it a nice fresh look! 

My holy grail cleanser is now by Indie Lee – Brightening Cleanser. A cross between a lovely facial cleanser and also a tightening 10-minute mask! I lurve the smell of strawberries, and this cleanser has just that, Fragaria Chiloensis Seed Oil (Strawberry)! It has a gel texture and doesn’t foam up too much like others I have used. It leaves my tired skin looking fresh! I use this every day and I love it, I use it more as a 10-minute face mask now. I just apply to my dry skin, and can feel the tightening wonders happen, then rinse off with warm water! It works as a re-texturising mask, it’s just so fab! I have been using it for 4 months and I’m nearly out of it! By far the best I have used! 

My holy grail masks, I have a few I love to be honest. I love the Glamglow Supermud, it helps banish my blemishes and occurring spots. I solely use it as a spot treatment cause its expensive af, so for all over my face is not worth it haha! I have tried the body shop one, it is a dupe, but I cannot live without the supermud! I am a little extra, so I use the Gravitymud firming treatment, it lifts my face like a mini botox, contours the right areas and is great to apply makeup on after. Oh and it’s peelable, I dunno why, but I love peelable things on my face!! Also, makes me look like an alien which I find amusing! To remove my makeup, I use the Powermud dualcleanse, this is a face mask turned to oil, apply to face and leave on for 5-10 minutes then wash off. It’s intense, removes my makeup properly! I don’t use it all the time for makeup removing, sometimes I just want a gentle cleanse and apply this. Doesn’t break me out either! Bit of a glamglow fanatic, minus the price points! I also like to use the Farmacy Hydrating Coconut gel mask – this is solely for special occasions. There are 3 masks in a pack, to address separate concerns: Firming, Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle. All of which boast Farmacy’s potent, patented complex Echinacea GreenEnvy (an antioxidant powerhouse). ‘Firming’ works to maintain collagen and elastin with flavonoid-rich celery extract, while ‘Brightening’ utilises the power of purple broccoli extract to limit melanin production to reduce pigmentation. ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ then repairs and nourishes the skin with rhubarb extract – restoring a smooth, youthful texture and enhancing radiance. I love using these and having a 25-minute nap. I then rub the excess into my skin and carry on with my day. It is super replenishing and so hydrating. I love coconut, and what it does to my face is amazing! Highly recommend!

My holy grail lip balm has to be Nuxe Paris Rêve de Miel – Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm. I have been using this for 2 years now, I kid you not, before this my lips were dry, crusty AF, and so chapped, ewww eewww ewwww! Now they are reformed, I apply a thick layer at night before bed, and it’s on all night doing its magic! I also apply during the day, but only twice, a very light layer and lasts for a heck of a long time! It’s so soothing, I really enjoy the honey scent. I also apply to the highest points of my cheekbones where my highlighter goes, for a natural glow. It’s not sticky in the slightest, the texture is like butter, with added oil, definitely not greasy and made up of natural ingredients, no parabens whatsoever! 

My holy grail primer is the Becca Backlight Primer, I love the glowiness to it, okay so it doesn’t actually do anything for my gawd damn pores, but most days I do not care! I am lit from within and a tiny bit goes a long way! I apply all over my face, hah and even use it under my foundation. I have the sun-kissed look for days! I even mix it in with my body lotion and apply all over me cause it’s just that goood!!! You can say I pretty much love it!! 

That’s it folks, this is my reduced skincare routine. I kid you not though, Alpha H has given me so much confidence that I don’t even need to wear makeup anymore. I use to wear concealer and foundation on a daily basis, but now using these products, I can go without it! I apply a little of the Becca backlight primer and good to go, out the door!


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