Peruvian Inspired at it’s Best!

I hadn’t seen one of my besties this year, we always chat or whatsapp but we never really get time to each other and have a proper catch up, so we both made sure we kept a day free in December where we could eat and talk!

I have been to Pachamama, and Chicama is their sister restaurant in Chelsea. I didn’t really think much of Pachamama to be honest! Definitely overpriced for what it is. I chose Chicama cause its something we both wanted to try, my friend is a veggie and I’m more of a seafood kinda girl, so it worked well! The interior is so chic, and modern, and cause we went in December, they were getting ready for Christmas, putting their decor and tree up. It’s a small, cozy place, with lots of natural daylight. The tables are all marble and very simplistic, just how we both like it! The food is sharing, sort of like tapas, heavily concentrating on fresh and seasonal produce. 

As it was a weekend, they were serving brunch, and the menu was pretty much similar to lunch and dinner. For drinks I went for the Titicaca jalapeño inspired tequilla cocktail and my friend a Barberola, I wish I could remember what they contained, but haven’t the faintest idea! They were both rather delish and unusual! 

For food we got the padron peppers, sprouting broccoli, crispy aubergine, blackened octopus, grilled prawns, gem lettuce salad and charred sweet potato.


The veggie dishes came out first and I have to say the crispy aubergine was banging! I don’t usually like aubergine, but this seemed like it was cooked on an open grill and the skin was crispy, and the plantain miso really brought out the earthy flavours! Superb. I tried the coffee and smoked dill dip with the broccoli and it was definitely weird and unusual. I don’t like coffee, but this was surprisingly good, although very weird! Padron peppers go with everything! 

The seafood dishes were my absolute fave and some of the best too by far! The grilled prawns with toasted almonds and yuzu kosho dressing was delicious! The prawns were easy to peel and cooked just right, the charred lime juice squeezed on top just made the whole dish! Definitely 10/10. The blackened octopus with the confit potato, sundried tomato and cauliflower was the showstopper. The potato and smoky tomato went so well with the octopus, the aromas in my mouth were just so wonderful! Something I’d happily eat again! Definitely another 10/10. The sweet potato and gem lettuce salad were also really good, there wasn’t anything that I disliked, everything we ordered was spot on! So deliciously yummmy! The presentation was also on point!!! 


We were both quite full, and contemplated ordering dessert. But thought we are here and why the hell not! There’s only 4 desserts to choose from and again they sounded wonderful but weird too! Very Peruvian inspired flavours! My friend opted for Lulo tart and I went for Plura Porcelana. Lulo looks like an orange on the outside and on the inside a tomato, the flavour is mixed, sort of like a pineapple, orange, lemon, rhubarb. But mind you Lulo tasted like a lemon tart to us, but it was light and nice! Something that you’d go back in for, bite after bite, and the sesame tuile reminded us of sesame snaps! Delish, yummy and light! However, I was a bit brave and got the Piura Porcelana, black olive, chocolate crumb. It’s basically a chocolate dessert, with a black olive centre and chocolate crumbs around the side. It wasn’t heavy, but very salty due to the black olives. I stayed away from the middle, but every time I went in for the kill, the salt would hit me! It was a bit rich too, so definitely a sharing dessert! Not something I’d have again though! 20171212_173835.jpg20171212_173853.jpg

Do go and check it out, it is very pricey, but its a one off thing, not like you’re going to be eating like this on a weekly basis. Our bill came to £115 in total, baring in mind the 12.5% service charge! The service was really good, our waiter was really helpful when it came to choosing and pairing the dishes. Although I kind of already knew what I had wanted beforehand! It’s a lovely, little, chic place, very instagrammable! I for sure will be returning to try more food and cocktails! 



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