New ABH Prism Palette

Ever since the MR palette came out, I swore to myself I won’t purchase another ABH product. MR is my holy grail, it has all the warm-toned shades you could ask for! It has some lovely mattes, pressed shimmers and gorgeous sparkles! The amount of looks I have created is endless. And yet I still haven’t hit pan! 

So when I saw on Insta that she’s releasing a new Holiday Palette, I was a bit hesitant, as I had heard and read some horrific reviews on the SubCulture palette, in some cases was a HOT MESS! “A dirty look”, some described it, “unblendable colours and just overall a waste!” So I wasn’t sure what this palette would be like. Before I purchased, I read all the reviews, watched the beauty influencers on YouTube and went with my gut feeling! I purchased from Cult Beauty, my holy grail website for all things skincare, beauty! Cause I had 15% off as well, I thought now is the time! As soon as I received my package, I was excited, swatched all the colours, and on my word, gurrrrllllll, they are so pigmented! The foils and duo-chromes are my faves and so is “sphere” – sort of like a limey yellowy shade! Absolute gorgeous colours.

The mattes are a bit chalky, not the same formula as the MR palette. The duo-chromes are soft and buttery but need a setting spray to use them. Some of the darker shades need to be applied with a finger and that also goes for the pressed foils too! I just wish it was the same formula as the MR palette!


I have used this palette several times, and I love the sphere shade, but its such a shame there is no pigmentation, I rather much prefer the MAC Chrome Yellow. That is a beautiful intense yellow which is pigmented and buildable. Sphere is unsual, a cross between yellow and lime, but unfortunately, as soon as it hits the lid, just no colour pay off, so a bit of chrome yellow on top helps a lot! 

I am liking the palette, I wouldn’t necessarily say its the worst, far from it! But the most versatile palette right now for me is the Huda Beauty and the MR one. 

As far as makeup goes for this year, I won’t be spending as much as I did last year! I am getting married and need to save all the pennies I can! And I kid you not, I was going through my collection and I have a ton of stuff, like literally! I will do a review some day soon of my Juvias Place palettes as well, they are soo lovely and the colour pay off is insane!!! 


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  1. Ohhh – looks like a nice variety of shades!xx


    1. They are nice and bright x

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  2. Swanna says:

    The shades look gorgeous but I feel like I’d struggle with this palette! I just like quick and easy personally X


    1. Its not an easy palette to use, takes some practise and patience. I am still trying to figure it out.


  3. Oh my gosh the shades are so stunning! The makeup look you created is gorgeous. Love your blog! xx


  4. Nice variety of shades!
    great review!
    Kelle –

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