Matcha Mille Crêpe

Social Media is sometimes a bad influence, there are so many food bloggers now posting their brekkies, lunches, dinners, coffees, it’s getting out of hand, I’m forever hungry and drooling! But then, on the other hand, it’s really interesting cause you get to try all these random places and look at their posts to see whether its worth it or not! 

So when Kova opened in Soho, you can imagine, a wad of foodies ventured in to try their Matcha Mille crêpe, and they are a Japanese patisserie, specialising in Matcha and other seasonal flavours, such as Durian too!

Once the hype died down, I had the pleasure of visiting, I needed a treat and let’s face it, you deserve a little happiness at the end of a very long week! I have only recently gotten into Matcha, ever since I made matcha cupcakes, it sort of turned me in a good way! Matcha is meant to be very good for you, and since the cake scenario, I have even started to drink refined matcha tea powder, and lemme tell you, it cleans your stomach out like crazy! Every little inch of your stomach bag is flushed out, ready to devour your next meal (hah!).

What is a mille crêpe you ask? Well it’s simple really, it’s made up of multiple layers of French Crêpe, with a layer of light custard filling in between each. I wanted the matcha shortcake, but they had finished by the time I got there, so it was just the mille crêpe and a matcha latte.

The matcha latte came in a nice wooden Japanese cup, with a wooden stirrer, and a generous portion at that! I stirred it, cause I know lattes are very milky, the first sip was rather pleasant, although I will be honest, I could not taste the matcha. Yes it was creamy, and well milky, hah! After a final stir and halfway down, it didn’t leave much of an everlasting impression. I will stick to a normal matcha tea!


The presentation is simple, what more could you want? The layers on that mille crêpe is insane. The cream looked delish, green and white and then almost an ombre effect! But the mille crêpe, oh my wooordddd, it was extremely light and super delish! I could taste the matcha, it wasn’t bitter nor too strong, it had the right type of balance of flavours to the custard. The custard was super light, it’s almost like you’re eating air! I finished the entire slice, and could have had another! The crepe layers are airy and just melt in your mouth. I am so glad I made the right call, rather than going to Crosstowns! 

20180119_144110My verdict, is it worth it? Hell freeking yeah! I am super fussy about desserts, I don’t like everything I eat, and well I criticise a lot too! But hands down, best matcha dessert in my opinion. The mille crêpe is £6.60 a slice if you decide to eat it, or a pound cheaper for takeaway! The matcha latte is £3.50. Maybe next time I go, will try the other teas and definitely other delicious cakes of theirs! 

Final verdict: 8/10 (if the latte was nice, then it would have been a 10/10, and I rarely ever give 10’s)


Kova Patisserie: Unit 5, 9 – 12 St Anne’s Court, Soho, London W1F 0BB



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  1. matchapony says:

    Wow! sounds delicious

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