I got Married!

I have been away for so long, and I have lost track of my posts, but before I write any review, I’d like to share with you some images from my wedding. I got married on Saturday 9th June 2018, and it was the best day of my life.

It took us approximately 11 months to plan our big fat Indian wedding. I was so glad to have my fiance (now husband) who was hands on deck with it all. I was in between jobs, moving house, and trying to keep myself sane, he was like my knight and shining. Before the wedding, we both had our events. I had a small mehendi at home with my family and closest friends. I also had a Ganesh puja – a ceremony where the parents bless their daughter, in this case, it was my brother and sister-in-law who did that for me. 

The wedding was a bit of a blur, but I remember most things, and it was all so beautiful. The vision you portray for yourself is exactly how it happened for me. I wore a red dress which I bought from India, most of my outfits during the 3-day event were all from India. I went in March with my mum, literally went for a week, it was manic, but I got everything I needed, my mum, however, stayed on for three extra weeks. She brought most of the things back 🙂

We got married at the Oshwal Centre, our wedding supplier was Wed-in-Style, Photographer Mishree Media, Caterers Dips Foods, Maharaj: Jaydev Bhatt. Music by Bharat Tailor. Live event painter Stephanie Paints Things. Hair and Makeup Artist Soirella. Full volume Russian glam lashes: Tasha’s Lashes. Mehendi by Premila Pindolia

20180607_204338For both events at home, I did my makeup. I used a mixture of ABH, UD Heat Palette and Huda Desert Dusk. 


20180607_17595520180608_13440820180608_13434820180608_153506IMG-20180609-WA0093IMG-20180608-WA0009Overnight colour stain. 

Wedding day

KEVAL & PRIYA-1KEVAL & PRIYA-2KEVAL & PRIYA-6KEVAL & PRIYA-51KEVAL & PRIYA-194KEVAL & PRIYA-210KEVAL & PRIYA-234KEVAL & PRIYA-261KEVAL & PRIYA-454KEVAL & PRIYA-539My husband applying the Sindoor – a traditional red powder, first applied on the wedding day. After this, I am supposed to apply it myself every day, but we live in the modern times now, and this is not necessary. 

Was a fairytale 🙂 


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