Eat your drink!

Smith & Sinclair are the experts behind eat your drink! I first came across them at a pop up in Carnaby Street! They had a little space in a basement, and that’s when I tried cocktail bubbles! Like the bubbles, you blow as a kid from fairy liquid, but this was from alcohol! It was a genius idea!

I was then given a few samples of their giant gummies in the form of a negroni pastille. Negroni is whiskey, and each little pastille holds approx 7% alcohol! Strong matthaaaaafoooookkerrr I tell you! At that point, I was not a fan, until I tried an Amaretto Sour with plain sugar, it warmed up my cockles and had me dancing for joy! Yes a strong maaattaaafoooooker at that, but a lot nicer in taste compared to the Negroni, I left those for the men! Once I had a taste, I forgot about it till I saw them doing cool things at the Sanderson Hotel, Purple bar.

Once they launched their new website I had a peek at it. During Christmas 2018, I was looking at gift ideas, my hubby is a lover of gin and a lightbulb moment came, why not get him some gin gummies! I browsed the shop page for a good 15 minutes or so and then in my basket went the Gin Lovers Gift Set. The gift set included: gin obsessed selection, cocktail f.i.z.z: elderflower spritz and Lick your scent: cherry blossom & mandarin fragrance. Wrapped it all up for hubby to open on Xmas day, he was intrigued as to what they were and how to use them. I spritz the fragrance on my pink gin lemonade, and it tasted really nice. The cherry is subtle yet floral like. I quite like it. I also had a gin gummy one late night, cherry and hibiscus bramble, sooooo darn delicious!! It was so good, yes a little strong, but I could have done with another! The cocktail f.i.z.z we are still yet to try, but it goes nicely with a soft drink too. Flavour up a lemonade or a juice!





The edible fragrance is a new item in their range, I think it’s a cool concept, although are limited to how to use properly, other than on yourself and your drink! I guess it’s good for those who dab themselves as mixologists. 



These are great for parties, a quiet night in when you want to spoil yourself, celebrations, etc!

I reckon these will last us a while, but if you are looking for something outside of the box, I highly recommend Smith & Sinclair, there is something for everyone. They also have a cocktail selection 😉 Please eat responsibly!


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