UD Naked Reloaded Palette Review

Unmute your neutral; I have been waiting for this palette. I only own Heat Naked and wasn’t so keen on the others. I know I know, they are og palettes, but when UD discontinued the first palette, I knew something good was coming! And I was right! Wham Bham reloaded came into my heart.


I was so excited that I swatched it right away. The metallic shades are so beautiful, they feel like velvet and are so pigmented. The 3D sparkles are equally as impressive, like fairy dust. I love them, I don’t generally love a palette straight away but this one, I don’t know, it has done something to me, my eyes feel alive, and I don’t need to vamp it up for daytime, it’s perfect as it is. I vamp it up for night time. So I put it on my eyes last week for a job interview. I went in ham, piled on so many shades and it looked terrific! I started with Retro, such a gorgeous pinkish warmish coolish tone, a perfect crease colour, works with any shade. On top, I added ‘bucked and boundries’ and blended it in. To make my outer corner smoky, I added ‘end game’ and to give a little shimmer I added ‘angel fire and reputation’




Easy to blend, I’m not so bothered that it doesn’t come with a brush cause there are 4 large pans in there. There is fallout, but let’s face it, every eye shadow palette has that. It isn’t much though. It only needs a dab with a brush, the more you glide, the more fallout you will get.

They are the perfect crease shades and subtle eyebrow shades too. I love the packaging, sleek and thin, fabric with embossed lettering. Feels luxurious in hand. The shadows look better in the palette than what is shown online when you go to purchase. Nice size mirror too. A perfect travel palette. This is probably my go-to palette from now on. I can finally wear muted shadows to work, like a wash of colour. I cannot wait to put retro and angel fire all over my eyelids and hey presto, bigger and fresher eyeballs.

Have you got this palette and what do you make of it?



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