About Me

Welcome to Gateway to Patisserie.

My name is Priya and I am a Pastry Chef and Writer by profession.

This is my blog to channel my inner writing skills, to improve on what I already have and take it to another level. I graduated university in Journalism. If you read my page on published pieces, you will learn my journey was a long shot. I did work unpaid for two years, to get as much experience as I possibly could! It wasn’t easy not having any income. When you’re as passionate, you do anything you can! I did lots of internships and had a chance to meet some amazing people.

I like writing about the things I love the most, food and drink, beauty, travel and lifestyle, oh and cakes! I like sharing recipes, imagery. I take a lot of pictures, be it on my phone or my pro camera. It’s a hobby I have. I like seeing life in a different perspective.

My blog name may suggest otherwise, some may think its all about cakes and pastry, at one point, I kid you not, it was! But with time, there are other avenues to explore, why not open up your world to more than one understanding!

My way of writing is not serious, it’s chatty and I think gets straight to the point! My reviews however are very honest, there is no sugar coating going on!

I hope my posts lead you to try something different!

Priya x