2016 in Review

Well the year has ended and what can I say, I travelled lots, tried new business innovations, and welcomed my nephew. Has it been a great year? Well lets see…..

Happy Easter

I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday lunches and tucking into those lovely Chocolate Eggs of yours 🙂

New Cake Collection

Last week I had the honour of visiting the Meringue Girls Bakery Kitchen in Hackney. Yes it’s a bit far out on the other side of the river, but………… I was there on a mission. A mission to learn how to fill, stack and level cakes properly! 

Happy Valentines

Today is St.Valentines……… yep a day hardly anyone actually celebrates. I have noticed how no one actually wants to spend money or order anything! Which is a shame, I have learnt not to do any special offers now! My prices will remain the same throughout the whole year!!! 

Love Is In The Air….. 1 Month to Go!…

View my latest Newsletter its all about the wonderful day of Love! You can also subscribe…yayyyy…. and receive monthly updates 🙂 This year, I refuse to do cake!!! Yes I said it…….REFUSE TO DO CAKE!!!! NO CAKING PLEASE!!!! DO NOT ORDER CAKE OR ANY TYPE OR FORM OF CAKE!!! PLEASE DO HOWEVER ORDER CHOCOLATE, AND…