The White Bear

I first discovered this little gem back in December when working in Ickenham. Went for Christmas lunch. The interior is very warm, cosy with a modern contemporary feel. It doesn’t have a pub atmosphere at all! It’s laid back yet strives elegance. The tables are laid out in such a way that makes you feel…

Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger

It has been absolutely ages since I wrote something remotely interesting. On Monday I finally made it to Chicken Shop & DirtyBurger! After talking about it to everyone and recommending, I finally made it! Was it worth the wait? Wait and see……

2016 in Review

Well the year has ended and what can I say, I travelled lots, tried new business innovations, and welcomed my nephew. Has it been a great year? Well lets see…..

Indian Street Food

I recently travelled to India in September. I love going back to the motherland. The last time was about 6 years back. Its all changed, one thing I love, is seeing my family and spending time with them. Oh…and the food!…

Anzu – Modern Japanese

The man behind Tonkotsu has opened up a brand new Japanese restaurant in St James Market, Haymarket.

Dum London

A new hyderbadi biryani house in London, authentic food from India just the way it should be, Dhruv who owns it is a really good friend of mine, we met at Cordon Bleu. His background in hospitality speaks wonders, having trained and worked for some of the best chefs.

Monsieur Cronut

The most anticipated news of this year was that Mr Cronut was heading to London with his new launch!

Chocing it Up

Salon du Chocolat returned for another year at London Olympia over the weekend. I first discovered and went in 2012, if I’m correct, that was their first ever show in London, and what a massive chocolatey hit it was! 

My Skincare Routine

For as long as I can remember, I have always had Acne. I have used every scrub, cream, face wash out there possible. You’d think by the time you reach mid 20’s, it would disappear……

New Online Shop

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been busy working on a venture of mine.

My Love for Sushi

Ever since I could remember I have always loved sushi. My first time trying it I think I was about 16, going on a night out and going into the O2 Centre at Finchely Road, and trying Yo Sushi! I know Yo is so mediocre and rubbish, well now it is….. Back then about 14…

Barley Beerstro

An exclusive event took place today at The Barbican Conservatory. The event was all about Barley and Beer paired together. Barley is a superfood, and as we all know, a lot of us are now incorporating superfoods into our diets.