Published Pieces

When I graduated from University, I began interning for 2 years at various media organisations and companies. I also worked for private businesses helping them create brochures, posters with content in mind. Below is a brief outline of the work I have produced. I am still in the process of trying to look for my travel pieces which I wrote for Agent 2 Magazine and my contributor pieces for Yahoo UK. My most recent work at Cake Masters is below!

My short time at Cake Masters was a varied role, I was more in focus of Advertising. Editorial was also part of my job role. I learnt the marketing side, in how to market and publicise a company to their best potential. How to brand and target their customers. I did most of the editing, bringing the content together and forming the pages, having a ready to go, print version.

Printed work Cake Masters Magazine 2017

I started off with a B2B (Business 2 Business) company in September 2009, I was with them for 4 months, had various different articles published in their magazine called Start Your Business. .Start your business is a magazine for entrepreneurs, packed full of advice, news reviews and interviews. They went into circulation in 2004, since then, they now have all types of various magazines under their organisation called Gambit Interactive MediaMy position at Start your Business was as their Editorial Assistant, mainly researching, going out into the field, getting stories and writing, editing, proof reading before it went to print. I was lucky enough to get a good few pieces published such early on, I was published in three of their issues. I did books, technology, hotel, food and car reviews, I also did short biographies on the main people in business, and reporting what was going on in the news.

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