Published Pieces

When I graduated from University, I began interning for 2 years at various media organisations and companies. I also worked for private businesses helping them create brochures, posters with content in mind. Below is a brief outline of the work I have produced. My most recent work is below, starting from the top. 

Most recently, I worked on a food project with Unilever Food Solutions in partnership with Green Park Content. My main role was content copy, producing descriptions and tags for 150 videos curated by the production team. A lot of research went into what I did, I sourced content from third party markets which was approved by UFS. Culinary Institute of America produced world culinary tour videos in association with UFS, which was the content I pulled, dissected and matched them to the trends I was working on: Street Food, BBQ/Grilling and Wholesome. As as well sourcing imagery from Shutter Stock. I worked alongside a development chef to produce 13 recipes relating to the three trends. These recipes are available on UFS local market websites. 

UFS Recipes

My short time at Cake Masters was a varied role, I was more in focus of Advertising. Editorial was also part of my job role. I learnt the marketing side, in how to market and publicise a company to their best potential. How to brand and target their customers. I did most of the editing, bringing the content together and forming the pages, having a ready to go, print version.

Printed work Cake Masters Magazine 2017

I myself as a business owner appeared in Brides Magazine in 2016, I had a two page spread, showcasing my desserts. Quite a milestone to be recognised for what I do as a side business. I received a big wedding order from it, the images can be found on my Instagram page.

Do me a Favour

In 2011 I composed a brochure for a Private Property Company. From start to finish, all words are mine.

Lucre Properties

I became a contributor writer for Yahoo, in my spare time I whipped out a few articles for their lifestyle section. 

My beauty products I cannot live without

How to make beauty products at home

Yahoo: My Favourite Sweet Blogs

Why i love high heels

During my freelance days, I also maintained blogs for small businesses, and one of them was Fone Stuff, owned by two lovely gentlemen, Fone Stuff is everything your phone requires, from accessories to screen proctectors to chargers. They are the best in the market, price wise relatively cheap and great delivery service. Below are the links of the blog posts I wrote for them:

Blackberry London Leaked as First BBX Handset

The Anticipated Ipad 3

Confirmed: The Redesigned iPhone 5 was Real!

Your Mastercard now lives in your Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry Curve 9360

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S, Whats the Difference?

I was with Agent2 magazine for approximately 2 years as a freelancer. I wrote two lenghty feature articles. My first trip was to Belfast, all about fashion, food and culture. Visited couture shops in the town centre, tasted amazing chocolates and ate some delicious seafood. Evenings were funfilled with trips to restaurants and live comedy nights. The Sunday was spent in a luxury spa hotel, hydrotherapy pool, sauna and getting facials. There after enjoying a musical lunch. My second trip was to New Delhi for a food conference. Chefs from around the world came together to showcase their recipes involving the most famous Basmati rice. Basmati also launched their cookbook, sponsored by Its a PR Company. It was such an amazing experience, meeting like minded foodies and journalists. Tasting cuisine from all over the world, and seeing one of the wonders of the world again. 


Incredible India

I started off with a B2B (Business 2 Business) company in September 2009, I was with them for 1 year, had various different articles published in their magazine called Start Your Business. Start your business is a magazine for entrepreneurs, packed full of advice, news reviews and interviews. They went into circulation in 2004, since then, they now have all types of various magazines under their organisation called Gambit Interactive MediaMy position at Start your Business was as their Editorial Assistant, mainly researching, going out into the field, getting stories and writing, editing, proof reading before it went to print. I was lucky enough to get a good few pieces published such early on, I was published in three of their issues. I did books, technology, hotel, food and car reviews, I also did short biographies on the main people in business, and reporting what was going on in the news. It was a good learning experience which gave me the confidence I needed to start full time work. 

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